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    Icon1 The Running Bunny

    Have 'you' ever had a question like,"Whats the difference between a bunny,and rabbit?"Well My theory about it is that you can call a rabbit a bunny or just a rabbit.'That' bunny is another way of saying rabbit.
    Have you ever had a question like."Can rabbits or bunny run?"Well I have and my theory is that they can 'run' its just that they were mostly made to hop.I have a bunny AKA rabbit that can run,hop,sing (actually eating a carrot at the same time making some noises in its throat).But my bunny AKA rabbit died yesterdaySo now I have to get a dog.What my dad meant to say was we are going to have aover our house and throwing my dad into jail. If that part is true he actually came over to ask us some 'Important Questions' I wonder if 'you' ever experienced that dear reader.And I am to say that I Love JUSTIN BEIBER!! DANCING TIME!!I was when I had to do my Benchmark test!!
    Well thats all Dear Reader Maybe I'll also write about how my dog got ran over by a reindeerAKA deer!! Well see ya Dear Reader!!

    (comment plz and tell me what do you think about this writing Cause i'm writing this for my buddy Vampire Taylor)


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    Default Re: The Running Bunny

    I think a bunny is a young version of a rabbit and a rabbit is a older version lol. Thats what i assume.

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    Default Re: The Running Bunny

    To confuse you with your question dog is called Bunnie.

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