No Graphic Violence -- this means no blood, dying (they can be "knocked out" like on free realms or disappear in thin air) or gore. Mild disagreements happen, but we want it to be appropriate for everyone.

No Romance -- Nothing physical (kissing, hugging, hand holding, etc) or "dating" of any kind in the writing. Its just not appropriate for everyone here. Note: Hugging between siblings or family is OK.

Nothing "dark" or "scary"
-- Again, we have younger members on here. Nothing about kidnapping or torture is allowed. No vampires or Zombies either, they are not appropriate due to the other rules.

No Adult Language or Content -- Discussion or trying to get past the filters is also not allowed.

No Smoking, Drugs, or Alcohol.

Keep your comments polite. -- If you are giving advice or suggestions about the story please keep it polite. No saying "Your story is awful! I hate it" that is just not nice to do.

Your stories should be your own. -- Do not "take" someone's story and claim for it to be your own. This is not allowed.

This area is not for role playing or creating a story with others. -- Please keep it one author to each story. If you are interested in creating stories with others, check out the role playing section!

As always, please press the red "report" button if you find any questionable or not allowed material. This will not automatically get the author in trouble; but will notify a staff member of something that needs review.