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    Default Rose Shiverel: The Reign of the Dawn Lord.

    Rose Shiverel: The Reign of the Dawn Lord.

    1. He came.

    Spoiler: show
    Rose Shiverel was a normal girl. Her hair was brown and long, but tatty. Her clothes were those a rich girl may wear. A golden flowing dress with lace. Then he came. With a boy, they travelled around their world, restoring with the Rose magic peace and stopping their kingdom from domination and their king from paradise.

    I was a normal girl. Living an ordinary day. Then there was a knock on my door.
    “I shall get it!” I called out to the rest of my house. I lived in a rich kingdom, only the ones who were very unlucky were peasants. I’d never believe what was to come. Anyways, when I opened that door, a tall man stood, drenched in black. His tall frame stood with a solemn look on his face. It was hard to tell if his face was actually solemn, as his face had do much black draped over it.
    “Are you Rose Shiverel?” Said the man, with a subtle hint of hope stirred in with boredom.
    “I am!” I smiled. “Who’re you?” I asked back.
    “My identity is a secret. Go tell your mother you shall be gone for a little. I shall wait here. If you do not come back, I will come in the house. Do not expect mercy…” Then I was frightened.
    “You didn’t need to say that.” I murmured to him, before taking approximately five steps back and yelling, “Mother! I shall be gone for a little while!”
    I stood impatiently tapping my foot for five seconds until, “Okay!” Sounded from upstairs.


    I was walking through town with this man for a while, and he seemed like a very solitary man. I knew from this he probably came from somewhere desolate, like Terthere in Southern continent. Then again, lots of places around this area were desolate. We’d practically taken everything off them. Many people would have a tone of pride when they told someone they originated from Adimyen. When this man did speak, he decided he’d get the pessimism over with first. “You’re not going back.” He blurted. “Ever.” He added on.
    “I’m not?” I tried to clarify what he was saying, like I was partially deaf or something. “Never?” I added.
    “Never.” He shook his head. If he was dressed all bright and merry, I’d have just slapped him or done something harmful. But the misery in his voice, and the way he dressed all in black, told me he was no joker. Good for him.
    “Where am I going?” He looked around.
    “Come with me.” He said.


    I was in a dark forest. I’d never been here because mother said it was dangerous. All sorts of things lurked here – Mudbats, Shoesnakes, and the dreaded Utygoni, a ugly beast that just about owned the forest.
    “You’re going to prove yourself.” He whispered. “By killing the Utygoni.”
    “Are you crazy?” I shouted. “I’m not going in…” I looked inside the cave. It was black. When I looked back, black was behind me. I looked forward again, just as a pair of sinister yellow eyes opened before me.
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