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    Default Remembrance Day Poem.

    Two days ago, it was Remembrance. Veterans day in America. I have written a little poem for all them soldiers who died for us.

    When the last guns sounded,
    When the last fates were fulfilled,
    At 11am on a November Morning,
    Whole Countries were thrilled,

    Then sorrow for the dead,
    Spread like a disease,
    At 11am on a November Morning,
    This was when they were Mourning.

    Now, in the presence,
    We Remember those Men today,
    Them who serve right now,
    For them poor souls do we pray.

    For them poor souls
    Do we pray,
    Right here, right now,
    Here and Now, on Remembrance Day.

    Not the best poet, but I felt obliged to do this. ^^
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    Default Re: Remembrance Day Poem.

    Nice Poem :]
    And hey, at least it rymes. I tend to write things that don't.

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