I know I just seem to write too much, but I love it anyway. So this book is about my three characters exploring Free Realms! I make a vow on my life I will finish it!

Meet the characters! -

Thyrrni -

Profile (Totally made up!) -

Full Name - Thyrrni Opiye Ferren
Age - 16
Hometown - Sanctuary
Personality - Awesome, energetic, fun-loving. Can be a bit of a clutz too.
Best friends - Edgar and Kishao.

Kishao -

Profile -

Full Name - Kishao Jullianne Voctenne
Age - 15
Hometown - Seaside
Personality - Calm and quiet, but still loves fun!
Best friends - Thyrrni and Edgar

Edgar -

Profile -

Full Name - Edgar Raphael-Igor Wilston
Age - 15
Hometown - Seaside
Personality - Shy, quiet and lets Thyrrni and Kishao plan everything. Docile.
Best Friends - Thyrrni and Kishao

Chapter 1. Kishao and Edgar.

Spoiler: show
"Ahh!" Cried Thyrrni as her Snowball ride started to go out of control. She wobbled, struggling to keep on the Snow as is rumbled through snowhill. She veered round a fence, dodging between pedestrians who dived out the way. Chefs coming back with crate fulls of Bumbleberries and various other fruits jumped out the way, dropping all their supplies and waving their fists at Thyrrni. Finally, she tumbled down the hill that led to the houses in Sanctuary, her Liquorice Black hair rippling behind her in pigtails.
"Help...Me!" She cried, her feet fighting for control over the Snowball. Two pixies were in front of her, not dodging. "Watch Out!" Thyrrni shouted. Too late. Thyrrni and both the pixies collided, all three screaming in shock and horror. The snowball went flying down the track, until it was out of sight.
"My membership pack's gone to waste, then." She muttered. "And sorry about that, Erm?" She added.
"Kishao." Said the female Pixie.
"Edgar." Said the male Pixie.
"And that's no problem!" Said both of them at the same time.
Thyrrni wiped her brow.
"You aren't hurt, are you?" She asked.
Both pixies shook their head, still beaming like they'd just won the coin jackpot. Or the Station Cash jackpot.
"So, where're you from?" Asked Thyrrni, hoping to get a conversation started.
"Seaside!" Said Kishao immediately. "We're here on a holiday. You on a holiday here, too?" Asked Kishao.
"No, I live here. You should ask if you can come meet my family." Thyrrni replied.
"I'll go ask." Said Edgar shyly, fluttering off quickly. Thyrrni and Kishao engaged conversation whilst they waited for Edgar. Of course, being girls, they talked about clothes and the latest fashion.

When Edgar returned, he looked pleased with himself.
"They were at the vault spending some loose tickets." He beamed. "They said yes. They also wanted me to give you these." Edgar handed Kishao a few clothes from the vault. Thyrrni noticed a purple pair of Stitched Capris, which were really in fashion right now, and a light green Vest Blouse. Kishao flew in spirals in glee. "Wait...Didn't I already have one of these?" She looked at the light green Vest Blouse, before handing it to Thyrrni. "Kind of a friend present." She smiled. "Go on, take it!"
Thyrrni took the Blouse out of her hands, before saying, "Thanks a bunch!" And smiling. The three of them skipped and flew back to the apartment of Thyrrni, knowing they had a great friendship already. Over crashing into eachother.