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    Default The Realms Reports - Yet another newspaper.

    The Realms Reports

    *Looking for reporters to find information.*

    The Realms Reports is one of the Free Realms newspapers. A new issue should be out every week. There won't be if there isn't any major news. If there is it will be a very short issue.

    Issue One

    Spoiler: show
    Say hello! This is the Realms Reports, a new Free Realms newspaper.

    Breaking News!
    The rest of the Spooktacular is here! This brings the Bat and Wolf rides and all of the other items. It's time to get spooky and put on your costumes - Halloween is nearly here! Some of the new items that have arrive include the facepaints, costumes, and Free Realmsians will now be able to buy the Wolf and Vampire costumes without having to waste 800 SC on the whole pack. Great news for all the Realms!

    Major Uproars!
    The dance off insults are getting worse. Sadly, even the refs are unable to do anything. I have reported many people and many are still getting wound up. Hopefully, SOE will be able to think of something new for next year so we don't have the same troubles!

    A Welcome To... (A new alt. PM me and I will feature your new alt! One per issue.)
    Edgar Swiftdream! My new alt. He's a pixie. He was origionaly going to be called Chepp Junky, but he didn't look like Chepp Junky at all. Let's all welcome him to Free Realms with open arms!

    A random SC item
    Spooky Hoverboard.

    A random CS item
    Foldover Hightops.

    Who made this issue?
    Help wanted!

    Updated area:
    After checking out the update to the Spooktacular myself, I have realised there are many more new items than I expected. These items include the first ever Free Realms skirt without leggings! Also, cat and dog ears and tails have been released. Awesome! There are more items, yes. You can discover these yourself ^^

    Anymore ideas for a section? PM me! You'll be featured in the Who made this Issue?

    Issue Two

    Spoiler: show
    Welcome to Issue Two of the Realms Reports! Unfortunately, there isn't really much going on right now, so we're going to have a really short Issue.

    Breaking News!
    The Spooktacular dance off is getting even more intense! The Vampires seem to be winning a bit more than the Werewolves, which causes uproar.

    Major Uproars!
    Scamming is an uproar, as it has always been, but the Dance Off still has people thrown off in anger! Let us hope this insanity stops soon!

    A Welcome Too...
    Nobody, this time. I guess we could mention Kishao, who has been revived after weeks of being unused. But nobody new who needs to be welcomed.

    Random SC Item
    Bat Ride

    Random CS Item
    Filigree Long Sleeve Hoodie

    Who made this issue?

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    Default Re: The Realms Reports - Yet another newspaper.

    A+Awsome Report.

    -Nizzix You chase123456tan for creating my siggy!

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