Well some people may remember my old book Zoo animals...I never finished it but people thought it was awesome!So I am going to continue it starting...NOW!!!
"We all packed up Billy?"I ask as I am packing my last set of clothing in my suit case."Yeah,almost done."He says in a voice that makes me think he's about to fall right to sleep.I close my suit case shut and drag it out the door.
I see Tom Elli Kalli and Billy all packed up and in the living room looking like they could just fall over in exhaustin."Hey sleepy heads!"I say as awake as I can even though I feel tired my self.
"Mhhmu"Elli groans,as she leans over on to Tom.Tom lightly pats her head and smiles like a loving father would."Ready to go everyone?"Billy asks,while looking around at all the tired crue members.They stare blankly back."I'll take that as a yes!".Billy picks up Elli."Let's roll!"screams Tom excitedly.We all slump to the tiny door and sqeeze through in a big clump."Let's Wing up Tom"I say.Tom groans and grows his long wings and flexes them out.I grow out my small blue bird wings."Kalli your turn"I say with a grin.Kalli is lost in a glowing light.I cover my eyes."Why is she always so bright?"I groan.A second later Kalli is a beautiful black dragon."Billy,Elli,thats your ride"I say staring at Kalli's beauty.I don't know why but she just is always so stunning,I think.Billy carries Elli onto Kalli's back and we take off.