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    Icon12 Radiant Rose ((Supernatural/Adventure/Romance/Aliens/Action))

    I just want you to before reading that there are some words I made up, so I'll be sure to list its meaning. Also, this book is dedicated to my cousins, Kayra, Roger, & Phillip. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

    Spoiler: show
    Arcadian Letters
    Spoiler: show
    -A type of letter that records your voice instead of writing a letter.
    Hetrs-A word when disscussing energy of soul.
    Hydran-A type of alien that's plant-like & loves Rose since she created them.

    Spoiler: show
    The days passed quickly in this world. Feeling my beauty slowly turn to dust, I grow old in this world so fast that I couldn't comprehend it at all. The knights have betrayed me too fast for Max's liking, soon I shall turn to dust just like the people here. Come soon my dear before I'm consumed by this strange world, it's suckng me dry to the bone.

    Spoiler: show
    My dear Rose, hang on I shall rescue you as soon as possible. Even in this desolate planet my power has grown weak, due to the loss of hetrs. Let no knight come near you or you shall perish and I shall grieve my heart out for the loss of you. Let Max get consumed by his darkness and let the knights drain his hetrs, I shall meet you soon my Rose...

    Mark hurry to me! Max has successfully captured me and fortunately I'm able to send arcadian letters to you still. The knights are actually going to consume my youthfulness even though I'm as old as a crab. Hurry Mark, before I die I want one last wish.....-the arcadian letter stops abruptly-

    My Rose! Stay strong. I shall come as fast as I can, don't die Rose! I'm sorry I'm taking so long to come rescue you, those hydrans won't leave me alone since they know your going to die and it's all my fault. Don't die Rose!!

    CHAPTER 1:
    Spoiler: show
    My name is Rose Sinclaire, I'm 16 years old, I live in a three-story house. My life begins to get hard once my parents got divorced, to make it even worse neither one of them wants me to live with them. I found it quite irritating not understanding what they don't like about eachother. Really if they could adress their issues with eachother, I might have a chance to fix it with or without them. It seems they really aren't determined to repaire their relationship at all.

    While doing my homework grandma Sandy calls for me. "Rose come on down, there's someone who wants to see you." I clambered down the stairs and figured it was Wallace. "Hey Rose! Want to take a trip to the gas station?" I narrowed my eyes at Wallace because I knew for a fact that Wallace hates going to gas stations. He always complains about the dirty bathrooms and how the gas price is totally "wicked". "Why in the world-." I began, but Wallace immediatly interrupted me as he tuggd my hand and pracically dragged me out of my house, heading towards the gas station. "I got into some trouble with my mom. She saw my grades." Wallace stated unhappily. "Bet your grades were pretty." I said jokingly. Wallace rolled his eyes as he let go of my hand reluctantly. From then on we walked to the gas station with no other conversation.

    Finally Shell's gas station came into view, the gas station looked puny. There weren't any cars parked near the small convenience store.
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    Default Re: Radiant Rose ((Supernatural/Adventure/Romance/Aliens/Action))

    Very interesting, I look forward to reading more! :]
    I love an exciting sci-fi, and this seems very well written, good job!
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    Default Re: Radiant Rose ((Supernatural/Adventure/Romance/Aliens/Action))

    I like it. Berry munch.
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