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    Default Be proud (Another writing)

    Life is not only for glory and fame.
    Love is not only for a once in a lifetime feeling. People fight for these things being they need them. Love is a word i cannot discribe. But life is. For Life is what brought love, its what brought YOU. And LOVE is what brought family. I do not believe in hate. For hate is not a word. Hate is just a way of saying you dislike someone, not hate them. For if you say your parents hate you, how are you still playing on your computer? Sleeping on a bed? When most people don't have those things. You should be proud you exist to the world. You should be proud god chose you. God made you because he loves you. He made you to give you to your family. Be proud of yourself.
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    Forget your past. Right now, You're in the future. You may feel pain, or hurt, or suffering, but you should never go down. Unless you allow yourself to. ~K.K.

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    Default Re: Be proud (Another writing)

    Wow! I have was having a "bad" day. This made me see just how fortunate and lucky I am. What a powerful message!

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