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    Default A poem.....or....a story

    There was a human named Dale Steelbridge
    He played and played in Freerealms

    He wanted updates

    "There is an update coming"
    Pex said
    Dale waited and waited
    All night he waited
    Soon he fell asleep

    Next moring Dale woke up
    He walked to his computer
    And saw a shock
    While the page was loading
    He found an error
    "Security check failed"
    He tried many times to fix it
    But he failed
    Dale gave up

    But he had to find a MMO to play
    Or else he would go insane
    So he found a game called "Wizard101"
    It was sort of fun
    But not as fun as Freerealms
    Dale will miss Freerealms
    He will be sad because
    He will never get to see houses
    Or fishing
    Or new pets
    Or sample new jobs
    Or get trophies

    Maybe he will get that error fixed
    Dale hopes he will get to play Freerealms again

    Story or poem based on a real event
    Yeah,I got an error so,I can no longer play FR But,at least i get to play an MMO.Better than nothing!!
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    Default Re: A poem.....or....a story

    I hope you get it back soon. Il keep you updated if you want about all the things that are happening. I check my messages alot. Write me if you wanna. I know id go insane if that happened to me! =O
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    Default Re: A poem.....or....a story

    Oh no! I hope you can get the error fixed soon, so you don't miss much.

    (Glad you found something to pass your time with. It's a fun game.)

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