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Chapter 1: The Beggining
It was a quiet day in the city of Richmond. Cula was sitting on her porch playing her Nintedo DS. "Honey" Cula's mother disturbed her game while she was defeating a boss. "MOM!!! I WAS DEFEATING A BOSS ON TRANSFORMERS!" Cula yelled. "Hey, dont yell at your mother like that. Dinner time." Cula's mother said as she walked back inside."Honey, why is the chair filled with cat fur..." Cula's dad said as he was afraid with his newspaper on his feet. "Cats shed honey. That cat is a bremese and they can shed alot." Cula's mother said with anger. "Oh... Well ill have Macronani and cheese then honey for dinner." Cula's dad said randomly. "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO RUIN MY GAME?!?!" Cula said angerly at her mother. "You know, lets go to a haunted house. That will respect you for it." Cula's mother said with madness. "WOO HAUNTED HOUSE LETS GO GET OUR PARANORMAL GEAR!" Cula said with joy. The family was known for being ghost hunters. So they got their car and headed for the most infected ghostly house.
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It was a fine day in the town of Grizzlehiem. Wolf was just a pup and so was his friends, but he had good pup friends back at his young age. "A day in the life of a wolf" C.C randomly said "Yeah, being a wolf rocks. I think cat is 2nd" His friend Drew said "Whats a cat?" C.C asked "Eh, who cares" Drew said. Then they fell asleep in the ground while watching the stars
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Mean while in Malistare's lair...

"Ugh, any news my dragon friend?" Malistare the evil asked his minion "No your kindness" His minion answerd.

"You know i've been wanting to capture wolves and find a wolf with balance and maybe a friend that is born from green goo" Malistare said "Well I found one on the globe, look" The Dragon minion showed malistare what it looked like on the small standing globe. "Intresting, I can hang them up or use them for evil" "Better go for evil" His minion said "Your right. Good point well made." Malistare snickered

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