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Title: Path of Light ((Chapter 2-3))

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    Default Path of Light ((Chapter 2-3))

    Path of Light
    Chapter 2

    The past few days were lazy and boring. Father arranged for me to wear my crown whenever I was outside of the palace and always be accompanied by guards ( BLEH ). Today,Aunt Laylania argued with Father that I should go outside of Silvermoon City and visit the places in Eversong Woods,which I fully supported. Finally,he gave in. Now,I'm on a platform that is lifted with magic. Father only agreed that I could go if General Sunweaver came with me,which I complained about. One of the maids,a maid that I've come to be friends with,picked out an orange leather tank top that protected me yet was awesome,a pair of reddish-orangish leather shorts,and some red with yellow-trimmed knee-high boots. She tied my hair up in a bun and complimented me on my necklace that I absolutely loved.
    "Beautiful day,isn't it?" General Sunweaver said. He was wearing silver plate armor.
    "Yes,it is," I agreed.
    "Ah,here is Sunbreeze Village," he said. Children ran out of their homes just to see me. I felt special. Stepping off the platfom,I took in the scenery. Houses were lined up in the hills with cobblestone paths. An inn sat in the middle of town,along with a small spot of land for the children to play. A little girl with cloth pants,leather sandals,and a cloth t-shirt approached me. Her blonde hair was cut where it reached her shoulders.
    "Princess Clena? Are you here to help us?" she asked.
    "You can call me Clea. And yes,I'm here to help," I answered happily.
    "What's it like in the palace?" another asked.
    "The palace is boring. You're locked up in a cage," I answered. I was piled with questions,and tried to answer all of them.
    "General Sunweaver,write down that we need to send some magi to Sunbreeze Village for protection," I commanded. In the last few days,Aunt Laylania taught me a spell on how to create a supply of food. I used it to create enough to last a week. We left Sunbreeze Village and went to Fairbridge Anchorage,the harbor. There were many ships at the docks with a large building that had rooms,a small diner,and a fish market on the path. We made camp and spent the night on the side of the road. General Sunweaver made a soup that to me,tasted horrible.
    "That royal food had ruined your taste," he scolded me. I had turned the platform into a small tree house with a bed. I asked if General Sunweaver wanted me to make him one,but he said he liked the ground better. When I woke up,I lowered the platform and General Sunweaver wasn't there. I decided to run off to one of the Ley-Buildings and study on magic.

    Chapter 3

    The West Sanctum was truly amazing. Ley-Keeper Velania didn't notice I was royalty at all! And,what do you think I thought?! I LOVED IT! She didn't bow when she met me,she didn't do anything stupid!The best part was,when she asked my name,I said 'Clea',she said what a pretty name,and she's never heard of me being called 'Clea' instead of 'Clena'! I love that woman!
    "Ley-Keeper Velania,would you teach me how to create portals?" I asked her.
    "Well,I'd love to teach you!" Ley-Keeper Velania smiled. She pointed her finger at a few scrolls and they flew over my head.
    "WOW! Instead of portals,would you teach me how to do that?" I asked her again.
    "It is very simple... Hold this scroll and think of a bird," she instructed me. I though of a bird and the scroll levitated out of my hands.
    "Now,Clea,point your finger where you'd like it to go," Ley-Keeper Velania told me. I pointed at her desk,and the scroll flew over to it and fell down.
    "You can do that with any object. Not people," she smiled.
    "CLENA THERON!" General Sunweaver burst into the room and scolded me.
    "Wait- she's Clena Theron?!" Ley-Keeper Velania looked shocked.
    "Yes,I'm Clena Theron," I hung my head in shame.
    "She is Clena Theron,who is in huge trouble for leaving my protection! You're father will be truly dissapointed..." General Sunweaver was really mad now.
    "General,she was just trying to be a kid. I will contact the king now and ask that she be put under my protection!" Ley-Keeper Velania defended me! Like I said,I love that woman! She picked up a piece of paper and pencil.
    "Dear King Lor'themar Theron, I would like to report that General Sunweaver is not fit to watch over your daughter,Clena Theron. I,Velania Leyani,would like to take responsibility for Clena. She is a girl,and needs to have a protector that isn't constantly telling her how to do things. Sincerely, Ley-Keeper Velania Leyani," As Velania said it,it was written on the piece of paper. General Sunweaver,now furious,lunged at Velania with his sword. I reached for Velania to pull her away,but only a magic shield blocked the attack.
    "Did you do that?" I asked her.
    "No,I think you did," she smiled at me. She popped the letter into a portal. Soon,it came back.
    "Dear Velania, Thank you for the letter. I should have sent a female protector,but General Sunweaver was my only choice. General Sunweaver is to come back to Silvermoon City at once. Velania Leyani,you are now to be the protector of my daughter. Sincerely, King Lor'themar Theron," I read to them. General Sunweaver stepped through the portal,into the palace.

    Now for the next 2 chapters ^^
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    Default Re: Way of the Druid ((Chapter 2))

    Erm aviced it good but post on the same forum.. Okey dokey?

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    Default Re: Way of the Druid ((Chapter 2))

    Too much clicking.
    I'm taking the Timeless Isle for the GEAR!
    Beware, Thunder King, nobody is safe from my monk.

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