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    Default Path of Light (( Chapter 1-2 ))

    Path of Light
    Chapter 1

    The heavenly sun beat down on the training archers and warriors. I sat in the shade,accompanied by two royal guards.
    "Can't you do anything other then give directions,stand there like an idiot,or follow orders?" I asked them. They just gave me the simple eye-roll and continued to look out into space.
    "Fine. Be that way. Continue your era of silence," I replied to nobody. I studied the guards. They both had the basic features of a guard except different skin tones and hair colors. I had fiery red hair and almost white skin. All our eyes were the same,anybody gave me a compliment on my eyes,I'd say,"You're complimenting every other High Elf." We were cursed to forever have bright green eyes. Pointed ears,well,pointng up. Night Elves had ears pointing behind their head. Whatever that means. I heard an arrow fly through the air,and the guards put their shields infront of my face.
    "Halt! None dare touch Lady Clena Theron!" the guard on my left commanded. I stood up and pushed past the shields.
    "Excuuuse ME! I can take care of myself!" I said,being very long on the u's. Another arrow went towards my head and I dodged it.
    "Oh! Lady Clena Theron! I beg you thousand pardons,m'lady!" one of the archer trainees said and instantly fell to her knees. Her hair was black and she had tanned skin.
    "It is Clea,not 'Lady Clena Theron'. And,its fine," I said simply. Standing up,I brushed off my shorts and walked back to the palace with the guards close behind. I walked up the long,long,LONG red rug up to the palace with each pair of guards bowing when I walked past them. Past the doorway was the royal throne room.
    "CLEA!" I corrected.
    "Uh,Clea,how was the observation?" Father asked me.
    "Boring. Almost got shot with two arrows," I said.
    "Are you okay?!" Father asked again,grabbing my shoulders and looked at me to see if there were any arrows.
    "Fine,fine. That training worked," I replied and walked to my room. Pushing open my door was my beautiful room I hated to leave. It was my sanctuary with no brothers. It was my library. It was heaven. I had a large bed,draped with the darkest red there was. In Thallasian,the High Elf language,'Clena' meant 'Sun and Moon'. In other languages,it meant a many things. And in Dwarven,'Clena' meant 'Priestess of Hearts'. Clea was my nickname that I liked more then Clena. I had drawing and paintings on my walls of hearts,the sun,the stars,and the moon. The flooring was the mix of red and pink. I had shelves in the walls that were filled with books,pencils,toys,scrolls,and some statues. There was my own bathroom that I would never have to share with anybody soon. A medium sized closet was filled with dresses,tunics,shorts,pants,shoes,boots,sandals,and so much more. There was a balcony that I used to watch over Silvermoon City. I had a few chairs,couches,and tables. And that is the end of my tour of my room.
    "Clea! Open up,honey!" Father called.
    "It's open!" I said,picking up a scroll and shoving it back into a shelf.
    "Clea,darling... You got to learn how to become in touch with the Light," Father said,sitting down next to me. Oh? Did I mention I was sitting? I forgot to say I was.
    "Can't I learn here?" I asked him.
    "Of course,you'll be going to the small lake by Silvermoon City every morning," Father said,smiling at me. I sighed really loudly.
    "Neh. I don't wanna," I groaned.
    "Want to," Father corrected. He patted my shoulder,stood up,and left the room. For a king,he is annoying. I thought,falling back on my bed. I looked at my balcony. There was a small box with a card. I stood up and walked over to it. Looking around,a figure hid behinds one of the ruby pillars at the enterance to the palace. I smiled,picked up the box,and opened it. The necklace was clearly crafted out of gold. A phoenix was the only charm on it,colored with orange and red. I placed it on a table and curled up in my bed.

    Chapter 2

    Pulling on my leather pants,I looked at myself in the mirror. Light brown leather tunic,leather boots,and dark brown leather pants. I picked up the necklace and put it on. I opened up my bedroom door and snuck through the palace enterance. Going through Silvermoon City,I ran up to General Sunweaver-my teacher.
    "Ah,Lady Clena Theron. I've been waiting to meet you in person," General Sunweaver said,studying me from head to toe.
    "CLEA! Not 'Lady Clena Theron'! C-L-E-A!" I yelled at him. He sighed.
    "Uh,Clea," he said.General Sunweaver shuffled through some papers.
    "Apparently,you seem to be very strong with the Light," he smiled.
    "Yeah,yeah," I muttered,waiting to be done with this. He signaled something. I saw a skeleton coming at me. I shrieked. I put my hand out,waiting for the first attack. Light swerved around my arm,reaching my hand. The light swerved around the skeleton until it was a pile of bones. General Sunweaver was wide-eyed and patted me on the shoulder.
    "The Light is very strong with this one," he said to some observers. They all nodded in agreement.
    "Now,try healing some trainees," General Sunweaver commanded. Tree trainees collapsed before my eyes. I walked up to each one and did what I'd seen the priestesses of the Sun do before the warriors were sent off the battle. I touched their shoulders with my metal staff as seen in the Royal Court. Light swerved around them and their injuries were gone,as if it never happened.
    "Very nice,Clea," General Sunweaver seemed to have a hard time saying 'Clea' instead of 'Clena'.
    "Can I leave now?" I asked.
    "Not before I give you a new staff. It was blessed by Kael'thalas,our last king. I also want you to purify this Fel Blade," he gave me the two weapons. I held the Fel Blade in my hands and thought of my favorite memories- which worked when I healed the trainees. The Fel Blade turned from a small blade to a large gladius with an orange sun.
    "Done. Now,if you'll excuse me..." I said,thinking about conjuring a portal to my bedroom. The magi of Silvermoon City could do it. I never tried to do it. But I just ran through the guards and into the city. Avoiding them as well as I could. They caught up to me and dragged me back to the palace. I pouted.
    "Our orders are to take you back to the palace," one of the guards said.
    "Well. My orders are to LET ME GO!" I ordered.
    "We cannot do that,Lady," the other guard said. They dropped me off at the palace. Running up to my room,I avoided speaking to Father,the Ranger General,and pretty much everybody I could.
    "I don't want to be a paladin!" I pouted. A letter flew into my room. I got up and grabbed it. Dropping it on the table,I threw my leather outfit in my closet and put on a pair of capris and t-shirt. Strolling over to my small living area,I sat on the chair and sighed.
    "What would it be like to be a commoner? The only thing that seperates me from everybody else is my red hair and skin tone..." I trailed off. I was the only Elf with dark red hair,so it wouldn't be hard to find me in a crowd of Elves. As the sun went down,the lamps powered with magic turned on. I couldn't stay awake,and felt a blanket draped over me.
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    Default Re: Way of the Druid (Chapter 1) (( Sowwy for not continuing Troll's Life. I like Nelves better lol ))

    OMG sooo good.... Gotta make a elf story... but it wont take place with druids or anything most likely druids are like wierd but also funny and kind.... My elf will be AWESOME like yours....

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