Since Erithine is failing to be popular, i'll try Parallel. It was really dissapointing when Erithine got no comments, but here we go.

My arms where numb in there shackles, as i was afraid of what was to become of me,

i heard the screeches of the bats in my cell, and saw the guards advancing towards me down the hall,

carrying no weapons, nothing, only a spare pair of stronger-looking shackles dangled from ones belt

they opened my cell door, and unhooked my shackles from the iron they dangled from

my stomach was all churned up as i saw a injection in the pocket of a guard

they grabbed the iron chains and took of down the hall, leaving me no choice but to follow them.

I was'nt taken up into the throne room, where i had been a few weeks before,

i was taken to a place much worse, down into the depth of the castle,

into a large room. i knew what the room was for. i knew now what the injections purpose was.

they where going to turn me into a dragon.

I hope you all enjoy this more than Erithine, i guess it was still ok, but i plan on doing Parallel first. (not that this one WILL get any comments)