Hmm, still no comments, but enough views to make part two (WARNING - part two might make younger people a bit squirmy, but nothing incredibly gory - as its just a person turning into a dragon)


as I was pulled along into a great iron machine, scared so much I though

I would die before they could transform me. I was so deep in worry I lost my chance to slip

away when the guards put me down to take my shackles off, but I was thrown into

the machine, and the transparent walls closed as quick as a flash, and before i knew it,

I was asleep. Voices sounded in my head, saying: Ari, do not worry, i will help you learn all

that you need as a dragon. Sorry, there is not a possible way to stop the transformation, the

needles are already in your skin, with the potion doing its job. you must wake now, wake to feel your rebirth.

My eyes jerked open, sure enough, there where four needles piercing my skin. I cried out in pain

as the needles where pulled out of there place, and as quick a flash, my body was

spawning with scales, but unfortunatly, that was'nt the painful part, my size grew larger, and wings started

growing out of my back, still was'nt the painful part, then spikes started slowly forcing themselfs

out of my back, wich was hurting alot. as it finished i realised what had happened.

It was rebirth

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