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    Soccerchamp098 Guest

    Default On the outside looking in --

    I know, I know, you all are sick of me and my constant stories .... but what can I say? I have to have SOMEBODY that doesn't mind em, right? Anyway, so this is something that I have been thinking about doing for years, but have never got to it during all this time - enjoy!
    "Moving? You're kidding right. We can't move!" my little sister screamed at my mother
    "We are going to move in with Uncle Gardson. We don't have enough money to afford this house anymore. I'm sorry girls." mom sighed
    "I still get to keep my cell phone, right?" my older sister piped in
    "The bank is taking everything we have, Mitchie, I'm really sorry but we're going to have to sell the phones and TV's to buy a bus ticket." dad grimly stated
    I sat down on the chair and the had to get back up because they were moving it out. Our house was in fourcloser and we had to move across the country to Virgina to live with my Uncle Gardson. Nothing had been the same since dad lost his job two months ago. I ran outside to the clubhouse were I had spent time after time being crazy in and started picking things up. There plain as day was a sign that sat in the middle of our pefect lawn. I just didn't get it. I had to move and I knew that we were going to get seperated somehow. I just knew it.
    "BELLA! Come in the house, NOW! I need you to get your diary out of the dresser .... unless you want it burned!" mom yelled from inside the old place of residence
    I walked slowly down the ladder and pulled it up. I baby stepped into the house and then I saw my dresser ... and Hami.
    "Honey, I'm sorry but Uncle Gardson doesn't want Hami disturbing his .... ferret." dad sighed out
    Tears filled my eyes and I ran to my dresser and Hami.
    "Bye little guy, gonna miss you." I said as I kissed him on the cheak
    "Dad, this is so not fair! I want my cell phone!" Mitchie mourned as dad took her phone
    "What, are you going to have a funeral for it or something?" my brother said walking in the room
    "Can it Josh. Dad's taking your phone too." Mitchie grinned as Josh's cell phone got snatched out of his hands
    "Dad ..... dad, dad, dad. You really can't -----" Josh started
    "I really can't what? Really can't let you sit on the street and STARVE!" dad yelled hurling a vase at Josh
    Josh cowered down and Mom shook her head. By now we were used to it, of course. Mitchie, the oldest, is 15 ; Josh is 12 ; Maine is 7 ; and that leaves me, Bella and I'm 11. This is me.
    Always on the outside looking in.
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    Default Re: On the outside looking in --

    good job soccerchamp. I enjoyed it very much.

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    Soccerchamp098 Guest

    Default Re: On the outside looking in --

    Thanks, Roselake!!!! I'll start working on chapter 2!!!
    "Come in, come in family." Uncle Gardson said coldly with a twisted smirk on his face
    We all hurried in, mostly because his ferret was eyeballing us. I don't know what made him think that those things are cool, but he has one and I have to live with it.
    "Mom .... can't I go back to L.A.? I miss my friends!" Mitchie mourned
    "Don't say another thing about going back. You're lucky that we are under a roof!" Mom mumbled
    Mitchie puffed and ran to the bathroom. I stood there, not knowing what to think.
    "Michelle, Jack, I need to have a word with you, alone." Uncle Gardson said curtly
    Mom and Dad got shoved into the kitchen by Uncle Gardson.
    "I wonder what they're saying?" Maine asked Josh and me
    "Ahhh .... let me show you something." Josh said and I sighed, I knew what he was doing
    Sure enough, there was Josh stading there looking in his bag. He pulled out the thing that doctors use to listen to your heartbeat and pressed it agains the door to the kitchen. He handed me the other one to take notes on what they say. I wrote it all down and just as the were walking towards the door we resumed our original positions.
    "How'd you do that?" Maine asked
    "Elementary my dear, elementary." Josh and I said together
    We all started laughing and it ceased when our parents came in with tears dripping down their face.
    "Children, I need you to sit down. Bella, go get Mitchie." Dad muttered out
    I walked to the bathroom and got Mitchie out.
    "What do you want twerp?" Mitchie yelled at me
    "Dad .... he's crying. And he needs to talk to us." I whispered
    Mitchie's face turned pale and she followed me. We walked in to see mom hugging over Maine tightly. Josh was on his knee's in front of Uncle Gardson begging him with something.
    "Maine is ..... Maine is leaving." Josh sighed
    "What?!?!" Me and Mitchie yelled

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    kyliekitty Guest

    Default Re: On the outside looking in --

    I love your story so far! You should write more to it.

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    Default Re: On the outside looking in --

    I want to know what happens next D< Write more!!
    "You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you."
    -Dale Carnegie

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    Soccerchamp098 Guest

    Default Re: On the outside looking in --

    Writers block ...... I hate it sooo much!!!!

    Mostly because I have it right now ........ :[

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    Catpenguin Guest

    Default Re: On the outside looking in --

    Great story!

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    Default Re: On the outside looking in --

    Wow this is a great story! Keep up the good work and I'll be waiting to read more =D
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    Default Re: On the outside looking in --

    good story
    Im back! :3

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