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    Icon1 Omg: Chapter 1 (Scare at night)

    My mom was about finished making her dinner which by the way tasted like fish & leaves (not that i have tasted leaves.) I was doing homework in my room when I saw a dark orb in the middle of my room. I quickly shook my head and it was gone. Then I saw an arrow through my wall, it read: Help Us Cindy! You are the only one who can save us from being gone. I thought for sure this was just my sister pulling pranks, But the signature was WAY different than KME. It said JL. Now I thought I was silly believing in ghosts. Hold on.......

    -Epic Bethany- Want More? Chapter 2 is made and will be coming soon!
    Erosion and windstorms,clouds and suns or others could be bad but when 2 seasons of opposite mix,you get worse...

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    Default Re: Omg: Chapter 1 (Scare at night)

    Man this is late but if your still look over for posts, I like the story so far I just finished my 1st chapter of a story, too!
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    This ends on a good note.

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