Juat to inform Ya'al Omg is canceled but if you want the rest of the story then..... something
Chapter1: Toppled
There I was with my little sister tumbled over the bushes and There I was with my hair busheled in leaves. I brushed off the leaves and took my pony tail off my Luscious brown hair. I went inside for a drink and my mother called me in for supper. Tonight's meal: Lasagna! This was my favorite meal but it got changed right after 4th grade when I tried my favorite pizza. It was vegetable pizza and it Delightfully delicious. After I ate, I played some of my old videos from 3rd and 2nd grade. They were so embarassing but I had no choice. If i didn't watch them I couldn't overcome my so called "fear". I heard my little sister fall and laughed. I have a habit of laughing at people when they're hurt. Not that it's funny but I just start laughing at them and I say sorry and then some tattle-tale snob just has to tell on you for whatever reason. At least it was a Saturday which meant no school. I was so exhausted I could've slept all day. Finally it was time for bed. I got my fav pajamas and brushed my teeth and hopped right in bed. Good night!