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    Default The Octagon Chap. 1

    Hey everyone! This is my first story so I am really excited!!!!!!... ^_^ Hope you like it.

    ~Chapter One~
    ~The Night Before the Crime~

    Lee Stone paced back and forth at his night shift, glaring kindly at all of the passing by visitors walking around and examining the exhibits. One man in particular walked slowly and swiftly up to the black diamond locked carefully in the octagon. He stiffly bent over in his black suit. The man marveled in the sight of the sparkling wonder, that, like many other special objects, belongs to "the world" itself. No particular person. This diamond sucked him in like sweet candy to a young child. Lee Stone watched him carefully, making sure he was not up to mischief. Lee did have a suspicion about this interesting fellow.
    This strange man looked up at Lee. They did not say a word to each other, just staring like a cat staring at a mouse. It seemed like it was only them two in the room, no one else. The man stood up tall and cleared his throat.
    "What a mighty fine diamond you have there," said the strange man with a bit of tension in his voice.
    "Yes, it is quite nice isn't it. Strange how so many people marvel in the sight of a black gem..." Lee's voice sounded as smooth butter.
    "I just find it..." the man's voice trailed of. He gathered everything up in his mind before he said anything else.
    Lee stuck out his hand sharply at the man and waited for him to shake it. The man looked at it and then grabbed his hand to shake it.
    "Lee Stone," he said.
    "Jeremy Withers."
    "Quite nice to meet you. I have heard of you, you are... the guard of the exhibits, correct am I not?" Jeremy's voice loosened up a bit.
    Lee responded, "Have been for years and years... I've been here quite longer then I would expect to and would wish to. I am... looking for a new "profession"... something a bit more unusual. Maybe, as some say it, "out there?"" Lee looked Jeremy directly in the eye.
    Jeremy looked down to his shoes quickly then up, "I see... As myself I would marvel keeping watch over an exhibit. It would be delightful. I do not understand how this could ever get boring."
    "Oh just looking for a broader horizon, Jeremy, something different."
    The men rambled on and on like old friends, talk about jobs and the exhibits, (for there were many of those to be around.) They especially talked about the diamond in the octagon, as they talked people drew nearer to 'marvel' like Jeremy in it's wonders.
    Jeremy glanced at his watch. He blurts out, "I must go, my wife and kids were expecting my presence an hour ago."
    "Be off, then. Good night Jeremy."
    Jeremy says jokingly, "Good luck finding that new profession!"
    Lee trys to catch another word with him, but Jeremy was already off, walking into the brisk night. As the people drain out of the big museum, Jeremy checks the case of the diamond... making sure it is safe and then leaves, turning all the lights off. He walks out of the building closing the big golden, embroided doors. He turns his head back one more time in the direction of the building, then walking off into the windy, cold, and moonlit night.

    End of chap. 1, The Night Before the Crime.

    Well, i hope you liked it! I am soo excited (::::::
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    Default Re: The Octagon Chap. 1

    This is great! It reminds me of famous diamonds, like the Hope. I can't wait to read more. :]

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    Default Re: The Octagon Chap. 1

    Thanks Gage!

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