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    Default Ninja's Poems. Try one out! (I write poems for you :D) ~ninjablade2000~

    I'll be gone.

    Open the door,
    Open the window,
    Leaves fall,
    Like me,
    Back against something impossible to pass through,
    Nowhere to go,
    Nobody to turn to,
    Just darkness and the sad truths,
    Of what is to come,
    What will never be,
    Everything I had,
    But now,
    Years later,
    When I was warming up,
    I was gone,
    To be no more.
    Like I said,
    I'll be gone.

    Reason: Made up as I may leave FRI/FR

    Counting Raindrops

    Sitting on my windowsill,
    I've got nothing more to do,
    But watch the pretty rain fall,
    And the water will end all,
    Flowers with their petals,
    Without them, they aren't anything,
    Like me without you,
    Like day without night,
    And light without dark,
    You've broken my heart,
    That was already shattered,
    You did it like nothing more mattered.
    So I sit,
    Counting raindrops.


    Breathe slow,
    Not fast,
    Keep clam,
    Not hyper,
    Stay sane,
    Not unconscious,
    Look at everthing you've got,
    All you're leaving,
    Don't loose yourself,
    Into the Insanity,
    Like death,
    Crawl out from under,
    And save yourself from Insanity's grasp.


    Then the dark moon,
    As it clawed out my eyes,
    I surrender,
    And I pry myself from is grasp,
    I know there's no going back.
    You're not here to guard me, kill everything in my path,
    You where my confidence,
    The reasons that I lived.
    Now I can't go back,
    I'll kill myself instead.

    Life will never be,
    Like a rose in a wasteland,
    The sea without the sand,
    Hold my hand.
    Don't leave, you mustn't.
    You are the reasons.
    The reasons for me.

    More coming soon!

    If you'd like me to write a poem...

    What is it based on:
    Does it rhyme:
    What emotion:
    Comment (Or I won't write one! I will take constructive critism!)

    This is not my story-writing! Do not ignore it because I am terrible! I'm just a kid!
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    Default Re: Ninja's Poems. Try one out! (I write poems for you :D) ~ninjablade2000~

    My favorite poem [not on here] is

    The red rose whispers of passion
    The white rose breathes of love
    O, the red rose is a falcon
    And the white rose is a dove

    But I send you a cream-white rose bud
    With a flush of red on its petal tips
    For the love that is purest and sweetest
    has a kiss of desire upon

    - John Boyle O'Reilly

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