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    Icon1 ~The Newspaper Writers Club Proudly Presents: Our Second Issue!~

    ~The Newspaper Writers Club~
    Vol. 1, Issue 2
    Letter From The Editor, by Rain
    Monthly Contest: Pick A Name, Any Name Part II, by Rain
    Member's Contest: Letters to Win, by Winter
    Fun Facts About Pet Rats, by Angelica
    The Bookworm Reviews, by Rain
    Book Review, by Angelica
    Movie Review, by Charlotte
    Song Reviews, by Angelica
    Sports Spotlight: Hockey, by Rain
    Current Events:
    Classified Ads
    News From Inside Free Realms, by Liz
    Current Events in Free Realms, by Surf
    Advice Column, by Icy Rose
    The End:
    Thank Yous & Welcomes

    Letter From the Editor
    Wow! Our second issue! I can't believe that we've lasted this long! We're hoping that this issue will be just as awesome as our last one, and with more readers and writers and experience, it just might be! Check out our many reviews by many members, and welcome our newest members in the welcomes section! Don't forget to vote on our monthly contest too! We have five submissions. Only one can win! As like all newspapers, readers are just as important as the staff. When you're done reading, why don't you send in a question to one of our advice columnists? Or a letter to the editor(Me!)? Or enter our contests! I hope you all enjoy our newspaper, and happy summer!
    -Rain Wolfheart, Editor in Chief

    Monthly Contest: Pick A Name, Any Name Part II
    By Rain
    So in our last issue, you entered your ideas for a name. The submissions are in and now it's time to vote! Follow this link (Newspaper Writers Club)to vote on our poll! And the submissions are...
    Realms Chronicle
    The FR-Informer
    Insider Times
    The Free Realms Chronicles
    'Inside' the Realms
    Now it's time to vote! Again, choose wisely, because it will be our name forever!

    Letters to Win
    By Winter
    Do you ever wish that you could have all the money in the world? Well, do you? We thought so. Well, your dream could come true... partially. You could win 50,000 coins, just by being a fan! Write in a letter, explaining why you love the newspaper, and why you deserve to win, and send it to Winterbreaze. She'll go through the letters, and pick a winner by the next issue's release! Good luck, and keep reading!
    Note: Only messages sent to Winterbreaze through Private Message will be entered in the contest.

    Fun Facts About Pet Rats
    By Angelica
    What do you think of the rats you see in the pet store? If you go, "Eww a rat!" and think that they are dirty, mean animals, then I have news for you. Comparing a wild or alley rat with a domesticated rat is like comparing wolves to Labrador Retrievers, since both types of animals have been bred by people for hundreds of generations to be docile, sweet, non-aggressive, playful and social with people, curious rather than wary, and other differences.
    A pet rat is:
    -clean (they groom themselves like cats)
    -extremely unlikely to ever bite you from the start (unlike hamsters or gerbils)
    -as friendly with people as dogs
    -happiest and the most fun to watch with two or more together, they are very social and playful
    -able to "pancake" itself in a tight squeeze
    -able to eat almost anything a person does (skip peanut butter though, they can choke on it)
    -able to climb/walk upside down in a wire cage
    -unafraid of dogs/cats/ferrets etc. so it's best to keep them separate from predators
    -harmed by cedar shavings due to the natural aromatic oils in it, so use a different bedding
    -prone to respiratory ailments like asthma, so a weekly cleaned wire cage is better than a fish tank
    -happy to climb up your arm and perch on your shoulder
    -quite nearsighted (their vision blurs past a short distance)
    -thrilled to see you when you approach their cage
    -diurnal (awake during the day and sleeps at night, like people!)
    -lonely if it doesn't have a rat buddy so get two or more (they naturally live in groups)
    A few memories of the rats I used to have, Lorien and Xander:
    They cuddled together when they went to sleep, played together, played tug-of-war with chicken bones, hid and stole food from each other, and touched noses through the bars of the cage when I opened it to let Lorien climb around the outside of the cage. Xander would climb the inside of the cage opposite her, and be hanging upside down when Lorien was on the top. When I opened my bedroom door and turned on the light, they ran to the side of the cage, held on to the bars, and stuck their noses out of the cage. They were happy at the thought of attention from me and possibly "treats" (bran flakes which I put in an empty yogurt container and shook). They were always very careful not to accidentally bite me when I gave them treats, no matter how small the treat was. They were each 8 inches long from nose to base of tail when fully grown, but could flatten themselves into the inch-wide gap between their cage and the wall. Xander "escaped" onto the floor of my messy room a few times when I accidentally left the cage open when I left the room, jumping 3 feet down to the floor. However, when I saw he was missing and called him, he would come sauntering up to me right away. I put a bird perch on the side of the cage, and Xander liked to climb onto it and chill. Whenever we had finished a box of tissues, I would cut it to their size and give it to them as a den/thing to chew. I gave them things to chew on. I fed them small amounts of leftover "people" food- veggies, fruit, licks of ice cream, crackers, the list goes on, and they loved it all. They didn't seem to have a liking for cheese though, go figure.
    Sometimes I still miss them (and it's been almost 8 years!), but I will always cherish and laugh at the memories that I shared with Lorien and Xander.
    If you love animals but can't have a cat or dog, I would highly recommend rats as a pet.

    The Bookworm Reviews
    By Rain
    Hi everyone! I'm really excited about this column, because books are really my comfort zone. I will review three books each time: a reader's suggestion, a popular book and my choice. Since I don't have any suggestions yet, I will review a book my mom wanted me to read: Eclipse, by Stephanie Meyer. I will review Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, by J.K. Rowling as my popular book. And, for my personal choice, I will review Toklo's Story, by Erin Hunter. Each review will be based on three elements: plot, writing style and comparison with other books.

    Reader's Suggestion: Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer
    Plot: This is a very good book, with an exciting yet funny story. As much as I think Bella should choose Jacob, her relationship with Edward is fascinating. I'm still, even into the third book, amazed that they still love each other, even through all the problems they encounter. I found the battle scene very exciting, and was very surprised when the Volturi showed up. Very good plot, 4/5 stars.
    Writing Style: Very clear style, written the way a girl of Bella's age would see the world. I'm not too fond of some of the language they use, because I hate even mild swearing. 3/5 stars.
    Comparison With Other Books: Fits very well with the other books, filling the gap between Edward and Bella's separation and marriage. However, I could have read New Moon and skipped straight to Breaking Dawn with not much confusion. Not as many serious things that change the rest of the story happen. 3/5 stars.
    Total Stars: 10

    Popular Book: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, by J.K. Rowling (Also known as Harry Potter and the Sorcrer's Stone in North America)
    Plot: Magical, exciting, funny. I have not thought of many other words to describe the first book of this bestselling series, although this is not my first time reading it. It's all still there: the action, the suspense, the laughs. 5/5 stars!
    Writing Style: A little strange, as they use a lot of British lingo and words. I'm not too fond of Hagrid's speech pattern, either. 3/5 stars.
    Comparison With Other Books: A very good start to the series. I like the fact that each book is one year in Harry's life. A good set-up for the following books. 4/5 stars.
    Total Stars: 12 (Top Rated Book)

    My Choice: Toklo's Story, by Erin Hunter
    Plot: There is not so much a plot here than a preface for “The Quest Begins” on Toklo's side. But, it sets the stage for the first book of the series, showing you what Tobi and Oka were like. It was surprising to read that the big bear they were afraid of was their own father. I also loved reading about the bond between Toklo and Tobi, before the smaller cub got sick. 4/5 stars.
    Writing Style: Since this is a manga book, the pictures tell as much of the story as the text. I'm not particularly fond of the font used in Erin's manga books, or the fact that they use more human words in the mangas than the books. This one wasn't as bad as some of the Warriors mangas, so I give it 3/5 stars.
    Comparison With Other Books: Like I said, it really sets the stage for “The Quest Begins” while telling it's own story. It's not really a necessity with the series, as it is a stand-alone book. I'm anxious to see the Kallik and Lusa mangas. 4/5 stars.
    Total Stars: 11
    If you'd like me to review a book for the next issue, VM me!

    Book Review
    By Angelica
    “The Hidden Life of Dogs” by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
    This book attempts to answer the question “What do dogs want?”. Not finding the answer in any available books, Elizabeth started observing a visiting dog’s behaviour, and later the behaviour of her own increasing number of dogs (all told, over 100,000 hours observing a total of 11 dogs, 1 of them a rescued dingo). A few of the many fascinating things this book offers observation of are: Misha’s adventurous roaming of the streets of Cambridge (the author following on a bicycle with her notepad and pencil); unrequited dog love; an account of true love between Misha and Maria; the birth and raising of puppies; dog mourning, dog “language”, rules of her dogs’ society; Maria’s ingenious way of getting home when she got lost; the dog pack’s ultimate achievement, and observations of a wild wolf pack raising a litter of pups.
    The answer to the author’s question should be clear to you by the time you finish reading the book- and if you don’t finish it, I can only conclude that you’re not a big fan of dogs. I highly recommend this book to anybody who loves dogs and wants to know why they do what they do.
    I give it an A+, and you can probably find this book in your local library!



    Movie Review
    By Charlotte Destiny
    So as you all know, the Twilight Saga's third movie, Eclipse, came out this summer. Girls have gone insane trying to get tickets for this movie. I know I have!
    Main Story
    Bella has conflict within herself about who she wants to be with. The love of her life, Edward, or her best friend, Jacob. Throughout the movie Bella fights with Edward and Jacob, but when they find out that Victoria is forming an army to destroy Bella the wolves and vampires become allies. It is a sad, action-packed movie with lots of romance and heartbreak. Its a great movie for anyone, boys or girls.

    Song Reviews
    By Angelica
    “Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall
    I think all of us can think of a "that girl" who hypnotizes everybody. I guess you could say that this is a cool tribute to her, by a woman. Catchy, cute, original instrumentals, and a great voice
    I rate it 8/10
    “Summer Girls” by LFO
    Great summer vacation song, especially if you’ve ever met a cute guy on vacation. It reminds me of a special summer visiting my grandparents on vacation. Nice beat, fun song, nostalgic but not pitying lyrics.
    I rate it 7.5/10
    “Unpretty” by TLC
    “I wish I could tie you up in my shoes, make you feel unpretty too”
    This song is about letting somebody else’s actions/comments influence your self-esteem. It’s a good song for anyone who listens too much to what other people say about them, especially if it‘s something negative about your appearance. Good lyrics, great harmonizing
    I rate it 9/10
    “Everybody’s Fool” by Evanescence
    First off, Amy Lee can SING! I love to sing my favourite songs of hers a Capella, especially since she’s not an alto like other favourite popular vocalists of mine. IMHO, this song makes the most sense if you watch the music video on YouTube. Powerful vocals, good message about not buying into the bull of “perfect people” (like what some ads would have you believe), actual band instrumentals, original.
    I rate it 9.5/10
    “Memory” from the musical “Cats”
    Although I haven’t actually seen the musical “Cats”, I can perform this song a Capella and nail it (thanks to a solo performance of that song being my final exam in voice class). It has strong, excellent singing in a first soprano range. The lyrics are moving; they’re about looking back on past memories. The full instrumentals alone are worth listening to this song, and even simply the piano part is awesome. I better not ever hear of any pop princess who is more show than talent trying to do a “cover” of this song . . .
    I rate it 10/10



    Sports Spotlight: Hockey
    By Rain Wolfheart
    Most people think that hockey is Canada's national sport. But that's not true. Canada's national sport is lacrosse, but I'm not talking to you about that. I'm talking about the most popular sport in Canada: Hockey. And it's not only us canucks that play: it's also popular in the U.S.A, Russia and Sweden. There are players from all these countries that play in the NHL, or National Hockey League. There are teams from cities in Canada and the United States. Hockey is often practiced in winter, but hockey players often train during the summer and play ball hockey in the streets. Hockey is what makes the Canadian, some might say. What team you root for determines your social group. How good you are determines if you'll be picked in gym class first or last. And how loud you cheer shows how Canadian you really are. There are 30 teams in the NHL now, but in the beginning there were only a few teams, all of them Canadian. Then, the sport grew in popularity and soon became a sport played both in Canada and the United States. More teams were formed, now with 30 teams playing each other. And the NHL brought not only fame for players, but also for announcers. Don Cherry, a famous announcer, is well-known to hockey fans, and not only for his crazy neckties. The Stanley Cup is every hockey player's dream. It was named after Lord Stanley, the man who gave the NHL the cup. But hockey is not all about the NHL. Only a handful of players get to join them. The junior ice hockey league has many teams of young eager players that may end up in the NHL some day. And many Canadian towns have leagues for the little kids. It's usually Timbits (the leagues are sponsored by Tim Horton's), but there are often many leagues for all ages. And hockey is not always played on ice. There are many variations of the game, some notable ones being: Unicycle Hockey, Spongee, Mini Hockey (a.k.a Mini-Sticks), Ringette and Box Hockey. If you'd like to play hockey, contact your local arena. (Also, I'm thinking that Free Realms should add hockey into the game...)
    Next time, we will explore the game of basketball!
    -Rain, Ottawa Senators fan since 2008


    Current Events

    Classified Ads
    Your ad here!

    News From Inside Free Realms
    By Liz
    Today in Free Realms: Thanks to lolaya,Trish19 & Jakearoo, we have a new code: the Three Layered Popsicle, which makes Pixie Dust swirl around you for 30 minutes. It is the first code discovered in months! In other news, Ambassador Zero hasn't played for over more then a year! Why is that? We don't have the answer yet, but when we get information, I will let you all know. Selena1243 has started scamming people. Trish19 was unfortunately scammed by her.
    Stay tuned for more information!

    Current Events In Free Realms

    Home Show: Pavana

    By Surflight

    Have you ever taken a look at the “News” section on your profile? If you have you probably saw the new home that was showed. The owner is Pavana and she has a great house! If you know Pavana be sure to tell her congratulations. Here is one of the pictures she provided:

    Cool, huh? You too can have your house or lot shown in the Home Show! Visit the General Discussion section of the Free Realms Forum to get information on submitting you house to the Free Realms home show!



    Dear Icy Rose
    Dear Icy Rose,
    I have a friend that I loaned a lot of coins to in Free Realms. I have kind of known this friend for a while so trust is not a problem here, but it's been a while now and they have not given me the coins back that they agreed to pay. I don't want to be too pushy and keep asking for the coins but I don't want to feel like I got scammed by my own friend either. Any advice?

    Dear Rosierulez,
    My advice would be to ask her if she has the money. If she's your friend she may be glad you asked because she may have forgotten to pay you back. And since your trust with her is good then I wouldn't worry too much about her scamming you. And if she does I'm pretty sure you can always report her.
    -Icy Rose


    The End
    Thank Yous & Welcomes
    Thank you to the following for making this newspaper possible:

    Free Realms Insider
    Free Realms
    Sony Online Entertainment (SOE)
    The Internet
    The Staff of the Newspaper Writers Club:
    Gabriel Phantomcharm (Phantomwraith), AaronEsko (A. Esko), Winterbreaze (Winter), angelicaldream (Angelica), Amanda Precioussaber (Liz), Surflight (Surf), Sarah Noblemind, Zoey704, assassin64, Charlotte, Rosierulez, Icy Rose, Rain Wolfheart (Rain), lolaya and Danari Swiftheel.

    Welcome to our three newest members:
    AaronEsko (A. Esko)
    Gabriel Phantomcharm (Phantomwraith)
    Winterbreaze (Winter)

    Hope to see you all at the staff party!


    Thank you all for reading our first issue! Follow the link below if you'd like to join us!

    -The Newspaper Writers Club
    Rain, assassin64, Charlotte, Danari Swiftheel, A. Esko, lolaya, Winter, Icy Rose, Rosierulez, Zoey704, Sarah Noblemind, Surf, Liz, Angelica, Winter and Phantomwraith.
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    Default Re: ~The Newspaper Writers Club Proudly Presents: Our Second Issue!~

    Yay! It finally got released. Thanks for letting me write an article. ^_^
    My internet has been out for quite a while now, so I won't be able to get on.
    ~~Amanda at the Library.
    I feel like that cat right now.

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    Default Re: ~The Newspaper Writers Club Proudly Presents: Our Second Issue!~

    I would have waited a little longer, in case I got more articles, but we're going to camp for a few days and I wouldn't have had time...

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    Default Re: ~The Newspaper Writers Club Proudly Presents: Our Second Issue!~

    I love it!

    Next time I will write more articles and reviews for it, and not only review songs that I like (I already have a review in my head for a really idiotic song I used to hear on the radio all the time)
    Last edited by angelicaldream; 07-28-2010 at 12:50 PM.
    Read the second issue of the Free Realms Newspaper!

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    Default Re: ~The Newspaper Writers Club Proudly Presents: Our Second Issue!~

    Yay! Ooh I can't wait to see what the name will be!!!

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    Default Re: ~The Newspaper Writers Club Proudly Presents: Our Second Issue!~

    It was awesome! -pats writers on the back-

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    Default Re: ~The Newspaper Writers Club Proudly Presents: Our Second Issue!~

    Oh my goodness! Rain! This is really wonderful! You and the writers did such a great job with this. Very professionally done and so informative and entertaining... everything a newspaper should be !!! WAY TO GO!!!

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    Default Re: ~The Newspaper Writers Club Proudly Presents: Our Second Issue!~


    Everybody should read this paper, and comment!
    Read the second issue of the Free Realms Newspaper!

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    Default Re: ~The Newspaper Writers Club Proudly Presents: Our Second Issue!~

    great job on the newspaper guys!! i had soo much fun reading the second issue!! once again you guys have out done yourselfs keep up the good work!

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    Default Re: ~The Newspaper Writers Club Proudly Presents: Our Second Issue!~

    very nice!
    thumbs up!
    Cody Moonhero
    server 1
    <Im Back>

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