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    Default New Life A story by Misty :)

    Ok so i haven't had time to write my story much because of writers block and school. So im going to pst all of the chapters on here for now on so you dont have to find it under all of those blogs.

    Chapter 1: Unexpected
    I sighed as I was woken by my alarm clock going off. "Ugh. Sometimes I wonder why we even have school." I mumbled then got up and turned it off. It was 5:30. My alarm clock always seemed to wake me up earlier than I was supposed to. "Well i'm already up so I should get ready." I thought. But then I heard my mom calling my name "Misty! Come downstairs for breakfast!" she called.
    "I"m not hungry!" I called back to her. "Jeez woman. You know I never eat breakfast ever." I mumbled then went to my closet. I picked out a red shirt with a simple design on it and a black sweatshirt. I then went to my dresser and picked out a pair of black skinny jeans. I then went to my bathroom and put my clothes on, brushed and flat ironed my black hair, and then put grey eye shadow on,followed by black eye liner,then mascara. After that I went to my room got my backpack and put black converse on.
    I went downstairs and walked out the door without saying bye to my mom. I put the hood up on my sweatshirt and went to the bus stop. I never talked to anyone because all they did was make fun of me. So while everyone was talking I was just standing there waiting for the bus to come and get through the day. But of course the bus was running late and some of the kids there thought it would be fun to push me around and make fun of me. I fell into the road on my back. I sat up "Can't you find anything else to do in your miserable lives!" I yelled at them. Everyone then went quiet "Did she just talk?" "I didn't know she could say something like that." they whispered to eachother.
    I stood up "Yes I just talked." I said but then looked to my right and the bus was speeding towards me. I was frozen in shock. No matter how much I wanted to move it was like I couldn't. But right as the bus was going to hit me something incredible happened. I put my hands out infront of me and suddenly a black dome surrounded me. The bus hit it and was reflected backwards. I put my hands down and the black dome went away. But everyone was looking at me with shocked and color drained faces.
    I then ran as fast as I could into the forest. I didn't care about the cold wind hitting my face or the ice cold water that was coming into my shoes. I ran until I ended up at a big tree. Once I was there I put my backpack down and layed down against it. Tears ran down my pale face. I then closed my eyes and let the cold close in around me.

    Chapter 2:Alone
    I woke up cold and wet from the freezing rain. I sat up slowly. It felt like the cold had gone all the way to my bones. My black hair was in wet strands that dripped at the same time as the rain fell. I was alone,deep in the woods,and knew no one would find me. "Sometimes my life just sucks." i tried to say but my words were slurred and barely understandable.
    I tried to bury my face in my hands but they were numb and I couldn't really move them. I then went back to Laying down. "I'm going to be found dead out here." I said,my words were still slurred but now I was shivering like crazy. I had never been this cold in my whole 15 year old life.
    My eye lids started to flutter and they became heavier "No I am not going to die now." I thought but the rims of my vision were starting to blur and go black. It was like a circle was closing in on my sight. I kept fighting it but it got harder and harder to keep my eyes open. "I-i n-need t-t-to s-s-ave m-m-mys-s-self." I said, shivering even more than before.
    I then slowly rose my arm up to the sky. I then made my palm face it. Suddenly black mist was in my hand, swirling around in a sphere. I then made it go up high in the sky and it exploded in red,black,white,blue,green,and yellow. My hand then fell back down to my side.
    But that had made me use all of the energy I had left. After only 10 seconds I blacked out and welcomed the cold sweet darkness that surrounded me. The only thing I hope right now is that somebody finds me out here. But I dout that will happen.

    Chapter 3:Found
    I woke up in a dim lit room. I blinked a couple times to wake myself up and I tried to sit up. Bad thing was when I did my arms gave out and I fell back onto the floor. "Ugh..Seriously.." I mumbled then heard a chuckle and froze. All I could hear was my heart druming in my ears.
    "I see your awake." the voice said. It sounded likr a 15 or 16 year old boys voice.
    "Where am I?" I asked after taking a bit to find my voice.
    "A guest room in my house. I found you while I was walking into town." he said.
    "Oh." I said and sat up. It was hard but I did it. "So whats your name?" I asked.
    "My name is Desmond. You can call me Des though." he said. "So whats your name?" he asked.
    "Misty." I said. I then actually could see him. He was pale,had black hair almost as dark as mine, and he had bright blue eyes. He wore a red shirt and a black hoodie. he had dark jeans on and grey converse.
    "Thats a nice name." he said and smiled.
    "Thanks." I said and smiled back.
    He then gasped. "Your one to?" he asked.
    "What do you mean?" I said, confused.
    "Well a vampire. I can tell by your fangs. Wait. You didn't know you were one?" he asked.
    "Wait what fangs?" I asked and then ran my tounge accross the bottoms of my teeth. Ok there were definately sharp fangs they seemed longer than they were when I was at the bus stop. "And no I never knew." I said.
    "Well then this isn't good." he mumbled.
    "Why isn't it?' I asked.
    "Because you don't know anything about us and the danger your going to be in for now on." he said.
    "Well this is just great..." I mumbled.

    Chapter 4: Life on the run
    "Ok so what is making my life so dangerous?" I asked.
    "Well...The thing is some vampires want you dead and so do some humans. Humans because their vampire slayers and have no idea that not all of us are evil." Desmond said.
    I sighed. "I guess my life can't get any worse..." I said and once I did a part of the roof collapsed and about 4 vampires were standing there. "Get her." one said but I pushed Desmond behind me and held my hand out.
    "What are you doing?" he asked.
    "Saving our lives." I said.
    "Hmph. You think were scared of your hand?" another vampire said.
    "No. But your scared of this." I said and an orb of fire formed in my hand and I pushed it towards them."Come on Desmond." I said and ran out of the house, draging him with me.
    "How did you?" he asked.
    "I don't know but come on." I said and let go of his hand and let him run by himself. It seemed like we had been running forever when we stoped. But we both weren't tired at all. I sighed. "And i'm now more a freak.." I said and sat on the ground.
    Desmond then knelt down and out his hand on my shoulder. "Your not a freak. ANd what you did back there was amazing. Your not a freak. Your special." he said.
    I looked at him and smiled "Thanks." I said. "Now. How will we be living for now on?" I asked.
    "Well. We're hoing to be moving. Alot." he said.
    I sighed. "This should be fun.." I mumbled. "Ok so where are we right now?" I asked.
    "Seeing the lights in the distance means were probaly near New York City." he said.
    "But we were just in the southern part of Pennsylvannia. How in the world did we get here so fast?" I asked.
    "Vampires are very fast. You should know that from reading almost every book about vampires that was written." he said.
    "Oh yea. I guess I forgot.." I said.
    "Its ok. Now get up. We should get into the city. Its alot safer to be around more people." he said.
    "Ok." I said and got up. We then started walking to the city. My life is just getting more and more complicated. I thought.

    Chapter 5 will be up soon. I'm actually trying to write it now.

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    Default Re: New Life A story by Misty :)

    Wow nice. I really like that sotry! ^.^ I can't wait for chapter 5!

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