Chapter 2

I sighed and knew I had to go back to Azuremist Isle.I stopped by the orphanage and asked if there were any Draenei girls I could adopt,and there was.Her name was Calion,a simple girls name.She had short white hair and light white skin,like me.We were on the hoopgrpyh,flying home,when I noticed she didnt have good clothes to wear.
"Yay!Were here!"Calion cheered.I smiled and let her look around.
"Chellen,think you can spare a room for us?"I asked her.
"Im sorry,Drarya.But you might wanna ask at the Exodar Inn,it is perfect for everything,"Chellen said,barely smiling like she does.
"Come on,Calion,we are going to the Exodar,"I said,lifting her into my shoulders with a backpack on my back.She asked a bunch of questions,and said I looked like her sister who was sent off to war,and sent in the Exodar with her.I felt bad for her,as I always did.And we finally got there.We got a nice relaxing room,she finally asked me if we could check out history.There we were,looking for books,and we were sisters.The Royal Sisters.I smiled with delight as I took her to her Priest Trainer,mine as well,Jaeya Kimi.

I wrote a lil somethin for now,I PROMISE I will write more when I get back from Gymnastics at the community center.