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    Icon7 My Story - A Free Realms Fantasy

    I'm finally going to do a story. I thought about it for awhile, but I would always tell myself maybe some other time mostly because i was afraid nobody would like it. I have to admit, I'm sort of making it up as I go along So I could use some other people in this. If you want tohelp me tell me you're name, what you look like,if you have any animal companions, (Like I do.) and what kind of a role you would like to play.(The third requirement actually isn't required, LOL.) Anyways, enough of my talk, let's get going on the story!

    Chapter 1. The Hole

    I ran through the marsh, running for my life. I stepped in a puddle and got myself all wet, but I didn't care. Then i ran into a dead end. I was trapped. I spun around to face my persecuers, preparing to fight them to the death, the death being mine. But then I saw it. A log. That went through the cliff to somewhere else. I quickly ran to and jumped on it, the men chasing me practiccally breathing down my neck. the moss stuck to my boots but I didn't care. By now i could hear the swishes of the air as their daggeres aimed for me. Then there was a gap between the log I was on and the next one. I didn't even hesitate. I jumped, but landed short, falling on the ground between the logs. I was about to run away, but then the ground gave way beneath me. I fell, and fell, and fell, until i landed on the far below ground, hitting my head. I looked up for one second, seeing dark tunnels, but then everything went black.

    Chapter 1. Rosie's View
    This camp was dirty. It smelled terrible, it looked terrible, it was terrible. I was tired of being tied up here. Why did I deserve this? I had just gone out to look for some treasures for my owner when these grungy men grabbed me and dragged me to their camp. I tried to tell them that my owner would be looking for me, but did they listen? No. Instead they just put a muzzle on me. And I ended up here, with a muzzle on. Just then, I saw the woman of the camp rushing towards me. She look off my muzzle, and I licked her face as a thank you. But she just pushed me away. She untied the end of my leash from the log I was tied to, and then we raced off. I sniffed the air. Owner! The smell of owner is getting stronger! But I skidded to a halt when I saw the men who had taken me away from my owner and growled. "It's ok...." The woman said. I just looked up at her and whined. "Sh!" she told me sternly. I put my head down, and sniffed. Owner. But where was she? Just then, one of the men asked the woman, "Marcy? What are you doing here? Especailly with that thing!" His words stung. I wasn't a thing! Then i heard Marcy say something,"She's not a thing. And I'm here seeing what you're doing." "We're just chasing the young girl who tried to steal that dog from us! She fell down that hole," he said, pointing at a gaping hole,"and she should be dead by now. If not, she's stuck, and most likely will die anyway." Owner? DEAD? That was impossible! "Let's go before anyone gets suspicous," another man spoke up. Mumbles of agreement rumbled through the crowd of men and they headed off. Marcy bent down and looked at my collar. "Rosie....." she mumbled to herself. "Come on Marcy! Are you going to sit there all day!?" A man called out. "Coming!" she replied. And with that, we marched back to the terrible camp that they had no idea was sinking right beneath them.
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