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Title: My Story

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    kinzdrummer909 Guest

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    There is not much to my story, only the fact that I hunt. I got my boomerang on my side, and a flock of birds attack me! I throw the boomer, and the birds are flying away when a strange sound emerged from the pit that the birds were guarding. It was a stone with a face on it, sort of like an artifact. I jumped in the pit, and the artifact came to life! It was a giant robot. It got out of the pit and was walking to my village! I needed to stop it, but how? I followed it down the trail, and jumped on it. There was a platform on it's chest. And on the platform were other small robots. I throw the boomer, and while it is coming arund, it kills every robot. I get inside the control room, the village's bully was in there. I shut down the robot, and threw the bully off the robot and save the town. As I say, "If you cant work it, BREAK IT!

    THE END:thumbup:

    Hard to believe, but I finished that story in 5 minutes.
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    sunset808 Guest

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    kinzdrummer909 Guest

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    If you have something to say, say it to my face, not in a public forum.

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