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    Default My Silly/Stupid Commecial Writings

    Y'know those commecials with When you don't... ? I like using them. So I made a few!
    Hope you like them.

    |Why You Should Read Books|

    When you don't read books,
    you live in an alley way.
    Then people throw trash at you and end up wearing it.
    Next you become a hobo.
    Then you regret not reading books to become smart.

    |Why You Should Give Me Pie|

    When you don't give me pie,
    you feel bad.
    Then you avoid talking to me because you feel bad.
    Next you hide in the shadows.
    Then you regret not giving me pie... chocolate pie.

    |Why You Should Stay Friends With Your Friends|

    When you don't stay friends with your friends,
    you feel very lonely.
    You end up sitting alone at lunch.
    Then you become a sumo wrestler.
    Next you don't win anything and lose your pride.
    Then you decide to stay friends with your friends.
    (Even though sumo wrestling looks awesome)

    |Why You Shouldn't Talk To Strangers|

    When you talk to strangers,
    they put you in a sack and drop you off in Tornadoe Alley.
    Then a tornadoe comes by and turns into a hurricane.
    Next you get thrown into air and slowly fall down.
    When you come to the ground,you hit it and break your leg.
    When you break your leg,
    you can't walk for 50 years.
    When you can't walk for 50 years,
    you regret talking to strangers!

    My Fav Jump Rope Song (:
    1,2 Freddy's coming for you.
    3,4 better lock your door.
    5,6 throw a hissy fit.
    7,8 better stay up late!
    9,10 Freddy's coming AGAIN!
    ( If you survive until 25,Freddy's not coming for you! )

    And thats the end! So good night!
    I'm taking the Timeless Isle for the GEAR!
    Beware, Thunder King, nobody is safe from my monk.

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    Default Re: My Silly/Stupid Commecial Writings

    -Clap clap- Nice jobbb o.o

    Spoiler: show
    Check out my poems thread. And no link o.o Find it yourself under the creative writing section o.o

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    Default Re: My Silly/Stupid Commecial Writings

    That was fun to read. I see those commercials all the time, they make me laugh. Nice thread.


    -Limited IG time due to work-

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