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Title: My Poetry

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    Default My Poetry

    Spoiler: show
    Hey, guys. It's me: Gabrielle, Gabby, Gab, Bag, Gibson, Gabster, Reb, Rebel, Rebellious, and whatever else you crazy people started calling me before! If you remember me, you get a cookie. If you don't, you get a cookie. If you never knew me in the first place.. You get a cookie! (I'm just nice like that ;D)

    **So a long time ago I made a thread with my poetry in it, and well it got closed due to inactivity. I've written a few more poems and plan on writing more, so I figured I wanna re-post the old ones along with the added new ones 'cause my poetry is just that awesome. (Psst.. Not really.) But anyways, the poems go from oldest to newest. (Also, I've made a few changes to the older ones just to word some things better. Wasn't changed too much.)

    Ignored by many;
    Without a care.
    Can't say I blame you,
    Can't say I agree.
    Your thought of mind
    Differs from mine.
    Longing to be understood.
    Will I ever be?
    Is it even possible
    For no one to understand
    One who has too many-

    A Nightmare
    What happens cannot be changed;
    What is said cannot be unsaid.
    The thoughts that sweep through others minds-
    The ones of me-
    Are as harsh to me as they would be to you.
    I move on in hopes of finding happiness.
    But in reality is it worth trying?
    Could all my sorrow
    That I have felt most of my life
    Be part of a seemingly never-ending nightmare?

    A Hope to Happiness
    An occasional smile here and there,
    An act of kindness to be spread.
    Without knowing
    The person inside,
    Why not be nice,
    Be kind,
    Be sweet?
    A reason to the question
    Is so very simple.
    One must make
    Another one happy
    For themselves, as one
    To become happy as well.
    Happiness comes from the center,
    As you know.
    So why not give your happiness away
    To the ones who deserve it?

    Alone in the shadows;
    Walking as a loner.
    Seeing all other eyes,
    Eyes filled with happiness,
    Surrounding the world
    As one joyous being.
    Yet somehow I survive
    In this too happy world.
    All alone -
    Just as a lone wolf;
    A cast - out most say.
    But ignoring others words,
    I find myself to be one.

    My differences are nothing more
    Than more reasons to how I'm special.
    I may be unlike those
    Who are considered to be normal,
    But has it ever been considered
    That I'm simply special rather than different?
    The majority of this world
    Is so wildly blended in.
    The reason to this may be
    Because everyone tries to be the same.
    But has anyone ever thought
    That being different is better?

    The pain,
    The sorrow..
    You can't know it
    Until experienced
    And once is, it's unbearable
    Yet I pull through.
    I turn out okay.
    It isn't easy to think and know
    That there are thousands with you
    Yet none know.
    None realize the pain
    And so it hurts,
    Longer and longer
    Until I break free
    And find happiness.

    Your Lies
    Drowning you out,
    You're losing your friends,
    So unable to tell,
    Making up your excuses.
    I wish you wouldn't do this;
    You're hurting others,
    And even hurting yourself.
    I'm not even sure
    Who you are anymore.
    All the reasons
    Why I hate you to lie.

    This secret I have
    I hide from all.
    You don't understand
    How you can hurt me.
    And yet you too,
    Have your secret as well.
    The secret I know,
    And that we share.
    We both have our problems
    We need to overcome.
    Yet otherwise we can't simply
    Continue with life.

    In others eyes they see me as an oddity.
    In my eyes I see me as me.
    I don't let it bother me,
    And I don't let it show.
    But really I can't stand it,
    How everyone can't understand
    Me for me,
    And not me for someone else.
    Everyone acts alike,
    Except for the few.
    Including myself.
    Who has always been different,
    And always wanted to be known.

    I don't understand this:
    The thoughts always change.
    Always one thing ,
    And yet then another.
    Can't stay continuous,
    And can't stay a pattern.
    Even as myself,
    I'm changing all the time.
    I used to be terror,
    And yet now I stay nice.
    I think one thing,
    And then I think yet another.
    Can this be explained,
    Or is it simply life?

    To be understood
    Is now a dream.
    An unreality,
    In my world, anyways.
    When will you all
    Simply understand?
    I'm different;
    Yes, I admit.
    But why does that mean
    That I have to be alone?
    Everyone fades
    Out of my life.
    It hurts so much,
    It truly does.
    Tears fall daily,
    But is that normal?
    Why is it so hard
    To ask for one request?
    All I want
    Is to be understood.

    They don't let you down.
    When they're hurt,
    You're hurt;
    When they're happy,
    You're happy.
    Friendship has it's own song,
    It's own melody.
    A pattern, some say.
    Friends are there for you.
    They won't let you down,
    And you won't let them down.
    No matter who, however,
    Someone's always there.
    And always will be.

    Fog, unable to see in
    And unable to breath in.
    That horrid fog,
    It's crashing into me.
    Closer and closer,
    Until I'm left buried.
    Buried within it,
    Hidden within it.
    And though hidden,
    Will you find me?

    The Eyes Say It All
    Let me look at you,
    Yes, truly look at you,
    And things will work in time.
    Though there is no issue,
    Or problem at hand,
    My worries will ease,
    My self-doubt, too.
    Let me look you in the eyes.
    I want to know your story.
    Your reasons, your feelings,
    It all shows so true.
    I'm a coward, I admit,
    For fear of the unknown.
    Help put my worries at ease,
    And help me look you in the eyes.
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    Default Re: My Poetry

    Great poetry! I love writing poetry. I don't know you, so...can I have a cookie?
    SOE: Where games go to die.

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