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    Icon3 My Mysteries (Chapter 2 Questions)

    When we finished reading the paper about the strange man we headed over to find him. When we got there we saw a the man sitting on the bed. He had brown hair pale skin and I couldn't really see his eyes well. He had his hand on his forhead and had bent his back. I assumed he was thinking... or worrying. We just stood there staring at him, trying to find something to say, or ask. Untill I finally found something to say, "Uhh...sir? We came here to ask a few questions about... well what happened to you before you were found in the water." He lifted his head and looked at us with frightened eyes (they were dark black). Then finally said, "W-what for?" I simply replied, "For our school prdject." I never thought school would help me, at least SOMEHOW. "OK, I'll answer but I won't be to happy about trying to remember the worst moment of my life." I felt a sting of guilt inside me, I hated and still now hate making people feel bad. I don't knw why though I always thought it was because of my mom, or dad. But instead of me asking,Ver just bursted the exact question out, "We wanted to know... who set you off in the water and why?"
    To Be Countinued...
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