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    Default My Life, as a Warrior Cat? Book: 1 Chapter: 2

    Chapter 2
    "Silverpaw! Silverpaw!" "Wha'..?" I yawned the next morning in RiverClan.
    "Silverpaw, time for traning." Sparkfoot called to me.
    Oh right, I thought, Im in a Clan, and I don't know how. Well Training time I guess. So I got up and Bounded over to Sparkfoot. "Good Morning Sparkfoot." I bowed my head respectfuly at her. "Morning," she started, "So what am I learning today?" I asked excitedly. "Well I think we should work on the boudaries of the territory." She meowed. "Okay! Let's go!"

    After we got out of the camp we ran up the hill next to the river, and stared across the land. "Wow, what a view!" I meowed. "Quite, now tomorrow were going swimming so be ready to know where were going okay?" Sparkfoot told me. "Alright." I replied. We set off up the stream, and we stopped right as the land started getting more like moorland. "This is the border with WindClan," she meowed, "And Im not sure how they live without water. Well unless you count the lake at the end of there territory."
    "Im not sure either, well because I just started seeing these things." I joked. "Ahh yes well it makes enough since." she purred. "But one day you'll think the same thing, 'How do they live there? Now let's go the ThunderClan border." "Okay! What do ThunderClan like? I mean we like water, WindClan likes moor. So what do they like?" I asked. "Well they like the undergrowth, ferns, bracken. That sort of thing." Sparkfoot told me. "Okay." As we started walking into fern patches, I noticed the undergrowth did get thicker. Then we stopped. "What do you smell Silverpaw?" Sparkfoot asked me. I took a long sniff at the air then said, "Well I smell a mouse, a vole, and a new scent!" "Very good, Silverpaw! And that new scen is a ThunderClan patrol, it must have just been here it's very fresh. Now let's go to the ShadowClan border see what we find there." Sparkfoot meowed. "Okay!" and I bounded after her.

    "Ahh yes the ShadowClan border." Sparkfoot meowed. "What do you smell Silverpaw?" I though about it then it hit me, "Yuck! I smell a stench of something!" I yowled. "That's ShadowClan. they smell terrible to every cat but their own." Sparkfoot told me. "I can tell why!" I meowed. "Yuck, where are we off to now?" "I think we should get back to camp it's almost sunhigh." Sparkfoot meowed. "Okay, can we hunt a little first? Im starved!" I asked. "Sure."
    By the time we finish hunting we were full, and had two mice, a starling, and a vole for the fresh-kill pile. When we walked in I saw Rainbowpaw near the Highstump with Reedstar, and his deputy Flamepelt were talking. Oh great what did she get into? I though she was in trouble but I mus have been wrong. Because after she came bounding over to me. "Silverpaw! Guess what!" She meowed so loud I bet StarClan heard her. "What?" I asked. "Im going to the Gathering today!" The meowed with excitement. "Great! Im going to ask Sparkfoot if I can go too." I meowed. "Okay! I'll be in the den See you!" "Bye."

    yay chapter 2 done
    Comment on it please! ^^
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