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Title: My Friend

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    Default My Friend

    My Friend

    To call you just a friend
    Just doesn’t sound good enough
    You’ve been there through the good times
    And the times when they were rough

    I don’t think I could ever
    Ask for a better person than you
    I know you would stand beside me
    As I would stand beside you to

    You will always hold a special place
    Deep within this heart
    We have our special memories
    And those I shall never part

    If I was granted one wish
    A wish that would come true
    I would wish you were always happy
    Each day your whole life through

    You deserve all loves sweet passion
    That your precious soul can hold
    One of the reasons God smiles
    Is because of your heart of gold.

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    Default Re: My Friend

    I love this! It sounds like a friend everyone would want to have (plus it rhymes, which I can NEVER do when I write without failing miserebly.) And it is so happy.

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    Default Re: My Friend

    This poem is wonderful. It reminds me of my best friend. She is so kind yet funny as heck lol. Please do write more

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    Default Re: My Friend

    I love it so very much! I want you to write more! Its amazing!
    I'm taking the Timeless Isle for the GEAR!
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