You may know Free Realms as as nice peaceful game / place , but you are wrong.
Free Realms isn't a peaeful game / place it's and evil hq , and some of us are minions but who?
A monkey with bad thoughts on the world
 he's evil and wants you to fall under his control.
Can you with stand his evil control or his evil power?
This could be how the world ends everyone falling under his control , and we,d fight each other and never have world peace.
Do you want to live in a world ruled by a monkey do you want to "throw **** at ech other" or only be able to eat bannanas?
I don't want any of that to happen , I hate bannanas , and I wouldn't want to have to throw my ****.
If this plan ever goes off I say let's fight him/her and his/her followers with no mercy at all.
Life would only be a jungle no society , no cars , a lot of war , no love , no other food but bannanas would be accepted to be eaten in that world , we need to protect our right to eat what we want when we want , what we wear , and what we do in/with our lives.