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    Default *MUST READ!!!* Rob's Story: "Guidence of the Map"

    I just want to let you all know that the names of the characters in this story are names of real people in the realms.

    When seven teens get sucked up into another world, two of them are met by a man named Scott. He tells them that they have to find the other five teens and defeat the evil Toxic Mist. This makes them have to go through many obstacles and Mist's pet hounds! This story is filled with dangers, heroism, and adventures that will make you want to read in to the end!

    Vest and Kevin Cold were at Vest's house playing Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii in Vesty's basement. However, Kevin would always end up beating Vest. "I'm tired of losing to you", said Vest." Lets go outside and play basketball." "Sure", replied Kevin, and out the door they went. While playing basketball, they saw their friend, Lil Robot, who lived across the street from Vest. "Hey Robot", said Kevin and Vest, "wanna come play with us?" "No, sorry", replied Robot, "I am doing my daily walk to the park." "Ok", they responded, and continued playing basketball. Then, suddenly, the sky started turning dark purple. "What's up with the sky?" asked Vest. "I don't know", responded Kevin. Then, all of a sudden, they were shot up in the sky by some strange ray and went into the clouds. They woke up a minute later in a world they have never seen. "Where are we?" asked Vest. "I haven't the foggiest idea" responed Kevin. The two friends went to explore, when, suddenly, the heard a loud HOWL!!!!!!!!!. Then, they saw a bunch of hounds on the top of the hill where they woke up. Pepperkitten, the leader of the hounds, often called Pepperhound, ordered the hounds to attack the two boys. Frightened, the two boys ran for dear life. Not knowing where they were going, they were headed to a forest hoping they could lose the hounds. But then, they were suddenly grabbed by their shirts, and jerked into a ton of bushes. The two boys were panicking, and trying to escape, when they heard a hushed "Shhhhh". The two boys looked through the bushes, and saw the hounds running the opposite way the boys were. Then, they and their rescuer got out of the prickly bushes. "Who are you?" the two boys asked. "Follow me to my hut" answered the mysterious man. Without a word, the two friends followed the man to his hut. They walked inside the hut and sat down on some stools. "Would you like a drink"? asked the man. "Uhhhh..... no thanks" they answered. Then the man sat down beside them, and then, there was an awkward silence. "So....." answered the man breaking the silence, "who are you boys, and why are you here"? Knowing they shouldn't talk to strangers, the two boys answered in low voices. "My name is Vest, and my name is Kevin Cold, and we have no idea how we got here" they answered. The man, with eyes as wide as the sun, slowly walked away to his desk, and grabbed some papers. "Your guys names are vest and Kevin Cold you said?" asked the man. "Yes" they both answered, "why?" "Well, lets start off slowly with who I am" said the man. "My name is Scott, I have been living in this world for 14 years now". "I am 31 years of age, and I am a worker at a restaurant a little more than a mile from here." He looked at the boys, who were just staring at him. "Well", said Scott, "I don't know any easy way to say this, but I'll just spit it out." "This world you are in is called Zang, where there is an evil leader named Toxic Mist, who has been destroying Zang, and there is a prophecy that 7 Chosen Ones are going to defeat him with their gifted powers, with these names: Girls: Zadira Kindleriver, and Chris30s, Boys: Vest, Garrett Toughblade, Johnz, Kevin Cold, and Lil Robot." "The other 5 Chosen Ones are located somewhere in this world of Zang, and we are going to have to set off to find them and defeat Toxic Mist." Stupefied, the two boys understood completely what Scott had just said. "Wait", said Vest, "did you say..... Lil Robot?" "Yes, I did" answered Scott. The two boys looked at each other, once again stupefied, then looked back at Scott. "Lil Robot lives across the street from me on Earth, and is both of our friends" said Vest." "Well, that's cool" said Scott kinda shocked. "Wait, so Lil Robot must have come here as well!" said Kevin. "Correct" said Scott. "Weird, yet interesting" they both said, so shall we set off?" "Well, said Scott, I am glad to see you both are anxious to go on this dangerous, life threatening journey" he laughed, let me go pack a few things." While Scott went upstairs, the two boys were once again stupefied on the words "Life threatening journey." Scott came downstairs saying "alright, lets go to the restaurant I work at first, then we can start on this huge adventure!" The two boys just nodded and followed Scott to the restaurant, called "Meshlaton." Scott and the two boys went into Meshlaton to say goodbye to his fellow worker, (there is only one girl that works for him) and tell her about the good news. "Scott!!!" yelled the waitress, Saba Oldblossom, "how are you doing?" "Don't you know your work hours have ended?" she said. "Yes, I do" he responded, "but i have come to say farewell." "How come?" asked Saba. Without a break for a breather, Scott told Saba everything that has happened in the last 20 minutes. "Oh!" said Saba, "how exciting!!!!! and dangerous." "Yes" he responded, now we are going to set off for the other Chosen Ones, or has I call them, teenagers." "But if only I knew where they were" Scott said. "Well, good luck with it all! said Saba, and she gives her boss a hug, then goes off to the kitchen. "So, you need to find where the other Chosen Ones are ehhh?" said a stranger in the corner of the restaurant. "Yes......" said Scott" "Well, I think I can help" said the stranger, as he pulls out a map. "A map?" asked Scott. "Not just a map" said the stranger, "a special map. "This map can locate any one of the teens" How?" asked Scott. "Well, it starts with the two you have, which you have found, then, the map automatically shows you where another one is. "That's very cool!" said Scott, "may we use it?" "For 25 pounds" said the stranger. "25 POUNDS?!?!?!" said Scott, don't you know this is your life at stake?" "Fine", said the stranger, "I'll give it to ya fer free, but ya owe meh." "Thanks a heep!" said Scott, "the world of Zang owes you big time!" "By the way, what's your name?" asked Scott. "Brett Ioncandle" said the stranger. "Well, thank you Brett!!" said Scott, and he and the boys left Mashlaton. Now, Toxic Mist knows about this since Pepperhound reported to Mist that the Chosen Ones are among us. "Thank you Pepperhound" said Mist, and he gives her a nice big treat. "We'll get those teens, they wont even make it here." And Mist orders his shadow knights to destroy Scott, Kevin, and Vest, and the other 5 teens can work for Mist, since they have no idea about anything has vest and Kevin do. "Muhahahahaha!!!!" yells Mist. Scott and the boys are walking through these green, grassy meadows talking and laughing, getting to know each other. "So" asks Kevin, "where is the first teen located?" "Well," says Scott, "according to this, the first teen is located deep inside this enchanted forest called, "The Enchanted Forest." "Nice name" says Vest. Then, suddenly, the ground starts shaking. "What’s going on Scott?" asked Vest. "I don't know" responded Scott. Then, everything turns dark, and there is a shadow mist emerging from the ground. The shadow forms into these two shadow knights named Drew Soulspike, and Heinz Doofenshmirts. "AHHHHHH!!!!" yell the boys. "I've got this covered" says Scott as he pulls out an enormous sword from his bag. Scott lunges his sword at the shadow knights, but misses them both. The shadow knights go for Scott's head, but he ducks and lunges his swords at Heinz's stomach. Yelling a weird shadow knight yell that can't be described, the shadow knight fell to his defeat. The other knight, Drew, retreated into the ground to tell his master what has happened. The boys, SUPER shocked thanked Scott, and moved on. "Alright lads" said Scott, "time for bed." "But it's day time" said Kevin. "Yes, day time here is night time in earth, now go to sleep" Scott laughed as he finished his sentence. The boys, not uttering a word, layed down to go to sleep. Then, in the middle of the day, Scott woke up hearing hound barks. "Boys, wake up" said Scott, "the hounds are coming" Without a moment to wake up, Scott jerked the boys' hands and they started to run. "Where are we running to?" asked Vest. "To The Enchanted Forest" replied Scott. The hounds were gaining on them as the man and boys entered the forest. After running for a few minutes, they could practically hear the hound’s footsteps. "How are we going to escape hounds?" asked Kevin. "Just keep running for your life!" answered Scott. Then, when they could see the hounds right behind them, Scott jumped on a tree branch, broke it, and then dove on the boys saying "look out!" and then heard a loud THUD. They looked behind them, and they saw that the tree fell, and a ton of briar thorns were blocking the hounds from escaping. However, when Scott was getting up, he was tackled by the second Lieutenant hound Chad Keenjolt who happened to have escaped the thorns. Scott was struggling, twisting a turning, while the hound was biting Scott. Then Scott yelled to the boys “try…… using…… your…… POWERS!!” So, Kevin and Vest tried their best to use their powers, but nothing happened. But, then, Kevin, moving his fingers in a strange way, shot some ice out of his hands. The ice hit the hound, and the hound, freezing cold, retreated with the other hounds back to their master. “Woa!” said Kevin, that was totally wicked!!!!” “That was awesome Kevin!” said vest, “I wish I knew what my power was, lol.” “I guess I owe you for saving my life huh Kev?” said Scott. “Ha! Don’t mention it” Kevin responded. Then, in the distance, they hear a silent moan. “What was that Scott?” asked Vest. Then they could see a boy no more than 13 years of age in the bushes. “That’s the teen we have been looking for!!!” said Scott, and they ran toward him. Scott told him everything that he told Vest and Kevin. Then, Scott, ending his little lecture asks “what’s your name son?” The boy replies Johnz sir…. Meh name Is Johnz.” “Well Johnz”, says Scott, let’s see what is the next place we are to go on the map.” They all look at it to see where the next location is. Then the map shows that the next teen is located on tiny mountains just East from here. “Well”, says Scott, let’s go!” And they all set off for the next teen. (In Toxic Mist’s hideaway….) “So pepperhound, you didn’t kill the teens and the man?” “BAD GIRL!” and Mist smacks Pepper in the face. “No treat for you girl” he said. I’ll give you another chance however, but, if you don’t kill them this time, we’ll have a new leader, got it?” Pepperhound barked a “yes” and sets off for the teens and Scott once again…… Scott, Vest, Kevin, and Johnz, seeing the mountains where the next teen is. “They aren’t that big” said Johnz. “True, small, but dangerous” said Scott. Twenty minutes have passed, and they are starting their walk up the mountain. Twenty more minutes pass, and they are just about at the top when….. RUMBLE!!!!! The ground starts to shake. “Oh! Not again!” said Kevin. “What?” what is it?” asked Johnz. Then two shadow knights pop out of the ground, or out of the mountain. These two shadow knights were the Shadow Knights leader, Drew Soulspike, and a student of his, Corbin Sharpdisc. “Boys, get back!” said Scott, I took care of these monsters once, I can do it again.” Scott, once again, pulled out his sword, and started swinging it at the Knights. The shadow knights are constantly dodging the swings, then they start swining the swords at Scott. Scott ducks, but Drew remembers this routine, and kicks Scott in the stomach causing him to fall down. Scott, who can’t reach his sword, is in BIG trouble now! “This is the end” said Drew, and Drew orders Corbin to finish Scott off. But then, Johnz, moving his fingers in a funny way just as Kevin did, made lasers come out of his hands, and shot them at Corbin. Now Corbin, having just been shot by lasers, fell down the mountain to his death. Drew, very irritated by his students death, once again retreated to his master, and the shadow knights battle on that mountain was no more. “Oh my gosh!!!!” said Vest and Kevin, that was well….. AWESOME!!!!!” “Now if only I can find out my powers” said Vest. “You’ll find them soon” said Scott. “And Johnz, thanks a bunch man!!!” “No prob” said Johnz giving Scott a wink. “Now” said Scott, “where is that teen?” Then, he hears a little “help” in the distance. The boys and Scott ran toward the way they heard the voice, and, in a few short seconds, heard the voice very clearly. Scott looks down, and sees a teen holding on for dear life on the side of the mountain. “Don’t worry!” said Scott, “I’m gonna help you.” Scott reaches his hand as far as he can, and grabs the teens hand and pulls him up. “ROBOT!!!” yelled Kevin and Vest. Robot, not understanding how he got here and how his friends are hear, looks at everyone stupefied. “Shhhhh” said Scott, “I’ll explain everything.” And Scott explains everything to Robot. “Cool!” said Robot. “Now, where is the next teen?” “Let’s check” said Scott. Then, they look at the map and it shows two teens, a boy and both girls, in different parts of the cave. “Well, that’s where we’re going” said Scott, and the five went on their way. After two hours of non-stop walking, the five were finally within eyesite of the cave. They walked in calling, wondering if anyone could hear them, when they heard a faint “hello” somewhere in the cave. After about five minutes of trying to find the voice of the echoey cave, they finally spotted the teen with the faint voice sitting on a flat rock. Scott, once again explaining everything, ended his sentence with “and might we know your name?” “My name is Garrett Toughblade sir” he responded. Well, shall we check the map to see where the girls are located?” asked Scott. “Sure, replied Garrett, “I always love girls.” The others chuckled at hearing this, and were about to check the map when they heard a loud HOWL!!!! In the cave. They saw the hounds right in front of them in the blink of an eye. Everyone, scared to have no way out, were ready to fight the hounds. Pepperhound, doing a loud HOWL, ordered the other hounds to charge the six people standing there. Johnz and Kevin, who knew their powers, tried their best to use them against the hounds. Scott and the other boys, since they didn’t have swords, used rocks that they could find in the cave to throw at the hounds. Johnz’s lasers and Kevin’s ice just about killed all the hounds, or at least injured them. But then, the second Lieutenant hound, Chad, sneaked past everyone and knocked all the people throwing rocks unconscious. And Pepperhound, charging at the boys using powers, rammed Johnz and threw him back, making his head hit a rock, making him go unconscious. So then, Pepper went after Kevin, but Kevin dodged and tried to freeze Pepper, but missed since Chad came up behind him and threw off his aim. “Two on one huh?” said Kevin, pretty unfair don’t you think?” Then, the two hounds charged Kevin again, but Kevin jumped over them, leaving them almost falling off the edge. Then Kevin shoots ice at them, hoping to freeze them then throwing them off the edge, and he shot Pepper, and Pepperhound was frozen. However, chad was free and charged at Kevin with all his speed. But Kevin dodged Chad with a spin, but with this spin, got him dizzy. Chad took this opportunity to attack, and he charged at Kevin with all his strength. Kevin ran into frozen Pepper, and with all the strength Chad had used to hit Kevin, broke the ice of Pepper, and they both went falling down. However, Kevin was holding on for dear life with Pepper hold on to Kevin with her teeth biting his jeans. Pepper slipped, her teeth were no longer biting Kevin’s pants, and she fell with Kevin’s jeans howling the whole way down to her death. Kevin, now pantsless, was attempting to get back up. Now Vest woke up from his unconciousness and was wondering what has happened. Now Chad came up to Kevin who was still holding on, bit Kevin’s hand, and Kevin, screaming in pain, fell into the dark abyss. “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” screamed Vest. Vest was so mad at Chad, that he moved his fingers in a strange way, and made doves come out of his hand, and they went after Chad. Chad, almost falling off the edge as Pepper did, escaped the birds and retreated to his master. Everyone finally woke up from unconciousness and Vest told everyone what had happened. Everyone was devastated. “Can we still defeat Toxic with six Chosen Ones?” asked Vest. Scott responded with “I don’t know, we’ll have to see.” Then Garrett said in a low voice “let’s check the map now”…… They all agreed and they checked the map. The other two girls are still in the cave somewhere. After ten minutes of constant calling and hearing responses, they finally found the two girls in the same place. Scott went over to them and told them everything, including the death of one of them. What’re your names girls?” he asked. One answered with Zadira Kindlewiver, and the other with Chris30s. “Well, nice to meet you lovely girls” Scott said. “Now. Let’s have a nice long good day sleep, then we will go attempt to destroy Toxic, but first, tomorrow, we will have power practice!” They all fell asleep, and the next morning, Scott brought them outside of the cave to begin power practice. “Now, Johnz, and Vest, you guys know your powers” said Scott. Johnz has lasers and Vest is a magician with powers like doves out of hat, jack in the hat of death, things like that” he winked. So, Zadira, Robot, Chris, and Garrett, lets practice your powers. They all moved their fingers in the strange way, and a ton of powers shot out randomly. “That was SO cool!” said Garrett. “Ok, let’s try this again, let’s go one at a time” said Scott laughing. Chris, you go first. “Ok: Chris said sweetly and she moved her fingers. Then, a nig dog army came out, and the dogs obey her every command. “This is SO cool! I love dogs” said Chris. Now Robot, your turn. Robot nodded and moved his fingers. Then, a metal block in the shape of a fist came out. “WICKED!!!” said Robot. Now Zadira, your turn. “Will do!” she answered as she was moving her fingers. Then a ton of smiley faces came out. “What do they do?” asked Zadira. “Well, it’s hard to see isn’t it?” said Scott, “since you can’t hurt any of the Chosen Ones. “But, those smiley faces are like a trance.” When people look at them, they go into a state of confusion for a certain period of time, or if they look away, attack them when their eyes are closed, see, pretty cool power huh?” “It’s very cool!” said Zadira. “Ok Garrett, your turn!” said Scott. “This should be so cool!” said Garrett moving his fingers. Then, the next thing everyone knows, Garrett is in the air, fifty feet high, with very sharp, crooked wings. “OH MY GOSH!!!!!!” said Garrett, “THIS IS SO EPIC!!!!!.” Then Garrett made his wings go away and is back on the ground. So, you all like your powers?” asked Scott. Everyone answered in an instant “YES.” “There is one thing I should tell you teens before you go into battle” said Scott. You can’t just keep using your powers over and over again, you have to take a break from using them. If you keep using them, you’ll powers will go away and they’ll never return. Every teen nodded. “So, where is Toxic located?” asked Robot. “Let’s check the map” said Scott, and they all looked at the map. The map showed Mist’s hideout is on the other side of Kealos Mountains, which is about a four hour walk from here. “Let’s go!” said Chris, and they all set out for the Kealos Mountains. After three minutes and fifty-eight minutes of walking, they saw the Kealos Mountains. When they finally reached the other side of the mountain, they saw Mist’s hideout, which is a tall, black tower with black, stormy clouds circling the evil man’s hideout. The entrance of Mist’s hideout was completely guarded with hounds, and in the front was Chad. “Great, I thought we handled all of them at the cave” said Johnz. “How are we going to get passed them?” asked Zadira. “I have a plan” said Scott, “stay here. “What are you doing?” asked Garrett. “Just stay here” responded Scott. And Scott ran toward the hideout. He was yelling and making fun of the hounds to make them follow him. His plan worked, and all the hounds but Chad ran after Scott as Chad went inside to warn his master. “RUN, defeat Mist!” ordered Scott running for his life. The six went inside Mist’s hideout. Inside was a long, swirly stairway that lead to the top of the tower where Mist was. The six were climbing up the stairway when Chad came up behind them growling. “Go up there!” said Vest, “I’ve got this one”. The other five ran upstairs and Vest stayed with Chad. The two charged each other and at once, started attacking each other. But Chad alone was no match Vest and his powers, and Vest yelled “This is for Kevin!!!!!” and he used his jack in the hat of death and knocked Chad unconscious. Vest ran upstairs to aid the other five. When he reached the top, he was shocked to see the others trapped in a ball of toxic, choking. “Well Vest, it is just you I see” said Mist. “You are no match for me.” Mist flung a ball of toxic at Vest and knocked him over choking. Then, Chad came up to aid his master. What was to happen? His friends are all trapped in a ball of toxic choking. Kevin is gone, Scott was chased and he was on the ground about to be a chew toy to Chad. Then Toxic Mist gave out a loud “MUHAHAHAHA!!!!!” as everyone was about to meet their fate....

    To be Continued….
    I sure hope you all liked my story!!!! And I want to give a BIG thanks to all these people:

    Vest: Boy
    KevinCold: Boy
    Johnz: Boy
    Lil Robot: Boy
    Garrett Toughtblade: Boy
    Zadira Kindleriver: Girl
    Chris30s: Girl
    Brett Ioncandle: The person from resturaunt who gave Scott the Map
    Waitress: Saba Oldblossom
    2nd Lieutenant Hound: My brother Chad Keenjolt
    Hound Leader: Pepperkitten
    Shadow knights: Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Corbin Sharpdisc, Drew Souldspike.

    And to everyone else (mainly the other shadow knights) I give you all a big thanks! even though you weren't in this story, you will be in the second one.

    And remember.... PLEASE REPLY!!!

    This story is VERY interesting everyone!!!! you all should read it! it is very worth while to read! It's the best thing I have written (and I have written a lot of stories in real life for free time)
    Also!!!! spread the word of this story!!!!
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