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    Icon11 Moon of...~ Another novel by CJisAwesome

    Heller ppl! CJ here with my newest story Moon of...! Don't worry I will still be working on my other story

    Moon of...
    By: CJisAwesome

    Moon of Slumber
    Day 16
    Year 1017

    Derango stats we will have a new life here on this island he named Tekit... But I am very skeptical of his therioes on how we will escape Her judgement and unfaithful laws in our new life. She will find us one day... And we will be punished.
    The jungle here is a terrifing place that no one would care to venture even in broad daylight. At night you hear the growls and moans of creatures unknown. Everyone is terrified to go into the jungle. Some day I think something will come and attack us... Derango is coming to my hut, he mustn't know about my journal!

    Chapter 1
    Month of Dance
    Day 22
    Year 1778
    Bagerel~land of the setting sun

    The tropical air of Bageral had the sweet scent of honey dew and the fruit from the remen tree.
    It was the Moon of Dancing, the moon when the Bager Ball is held. Men, women and children of all kinds attend this exclusive ball on Notulos Beach.

    On the pier a few yards away stood Axel Rosanne Maximum fixing her elegant ball gown.

    "Dom, are you sure about this?"

    Her best friend patted her head. "Axel, Axel, Axel... This plan is sure to work! Has Mr. Dom Astrada ever been wrong?"

    She raised an eyebrow. "There was your magic test, the time we went to Dergo Bay, when you tried to bake that remen fruit lasagna and our combat test and-"

    He raised his hands up then swung an arm around his friends waist. "Okay, okay I get it I've been wrong plenty of times. Remeber though no one is as brilliant a you. But this will work!"

    She sighed and shook her head.

    Axel was your average dark-haired 13 year old girl, her father a well known warrior and mother a philosopher and musician that taught at the University of Bergal the sister village of Bageral. She was brillant, brain and muscle wise, she also had a musical talent, singing. She wore her mother's black and white ball gown, which fit her skinny figure perfecty, and great-grandmother's pearl necklace. Her straight brunette hair layed over her shoulders, which made her look more elegant.

    Axel was a girl made to perfection (which everyone knew but she), with gently sun-kissed skin; almond shaped hazel eyes and not a blemish in sight. Most girls thought she was stuck-up and rude for her beauty, so she found a better companion in boys, adding up to girl's hatered. Though she always thought she wasn't beautiful.

    Dom was also the child of a well known warrior and his wife, a semstress. Unlike his friend, he was street smart. Knowing all the underground tunnels and shortcuts around Bageral. But he was also a trickster and very athletic, when it came to the popular sport of sinnet. He wore the tuxedo his mother semmed for him just a few months ago for his Great-Aunt Meribelle's funeral.
    He was tall and slim for your adverage 13 year old and very dashing. His chestnut hair lazily covered his right eye. Something incredible about him was his eyes one brown, one blue. Very odd for a child with no powers, but those rumor never stopped him.

    They procided towards the Bager Ball entrance, clenching badges in their hands.

    "Oh I hope this works Dom, or else I will kill you with my Dad's fire blade." Axel hissed.

    He winced, then relaxed a bit. "Don't worry they look authentic! My Uncle Troy made them, so they look like the real ones."

    "Was this the same Uncle Troy that got arrested by the royal court?" She questioned.

    "Maybe...." He smiled. "But still, he can make an authentic copy of anything! Remember the glass blade?"

    A few years back Troy created a replica of the Wendall's Glass Blade. Thus trying to pass it off to merchants as the real thing, But he didn't know that one of the merchants were an under cover spy of the queen that was supposed to arrest smugglers but instead caught an excellent blacksmith trying to sell a blade for millions of worders.

    "Yeah, but that's what he got arrested for." Axel rasied an eyebrow.

    Dom chuckled and looped his arm around her's. They were next in line to go into the ball.

    "Now remember Axe, your name is Franchesca Trader and I am your husband Trevor Trader... If we get caught run... But over all stay calm." Dom whispered into Axel's ear.

    She nodded.

    The waiter took their badges from them and inspected them.

    "They are real badges." Dom whispered under his breath.

    Suddenly the waiter unhooked the red velvet rope, allowing them to enter. Couples were on the dancing to a sweet symphony and the atmosphere was beautiful.

    They were in.
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