I can't wait to see who will be in my class this year! I had heard rumors of 11 new kids in my class alone! My high school is a private one, so 11 is a pretty big number.
I get there, and there are about 80 kids all milling about. I see my best friend Miranda (she's hispanic) and wave. She walks over to where I am. "You grew your hair out!" she yells. "Yeah, I got tired of short hair all the time. You look the same as you did last year."
We giggle. "Come see some of the new girls in our class this year!" I agree, and we meet several girls. Some were shy, some bold, and some sounded like brats. "Oh great," I thought to myself.
I see some other girls about my age and I walk up to them. "Hi, I'm Alysa!" "Hi!" the brown haired one said. "I'm Carolyne, and this is my friend, well, Caroline." "You have the same name?" I ask. "Well, almost," replied the blond girl. "My name is spelled C-A-R-O-L-I-N-E and her name has a y in it."
"Oh, OK. See ya." Then it hit me. Hey, wait a minute, maybe.... I turn around. "Are you by any chance...PureNRG?" "Yeah!" said Caroline. "Wow, you are like my favorite band ever!!!" I scream. Several kids turn around and look straight at me. I feel my ears start to turn red. "Whoops."
Later I start to hum one of my favorite songs by PureNRG. "La la la la... someday, someone's gonna change my life.... la la la" After the party, I carpool with some of my friends home. I burst in the door. "Guess what mom! I met the Caroliynes, as in from PureNRG, at the party! They are going to my class!!!" "Wow," my mom says.
When school finally starts, I find out that I have 5 classes with Caroline, and 4 with Carolyne!
Finally, it's the first day of school. I get on the bus. Looking around, I see that the seating is similar to last year's. I find my seat and realize I'm sitting with Carolyne!
We talk for awhile.
When we get to school, we walk to our first class. English. Worst class of the day.
After school, I invite the Caroliynes to my house to meet Miranda. She's already at my house when we get there. "Hi Miranda!" I say. "Meet my friends, the Carolyines!" "Oh yeah," she replies. "I saw them in class today." "Hi!" the Caros say at the same time. We giggle.
"So, tell me about yourselves." Miranda asks. "Well, we're both in a band. It's called PureNRG!" "That's cool," Miranda comments. "What do you sing about?" I answer this one. "They are a Christian band!" Miranda gives me a weird look. She gets up close to me and whispers in my ear, "Aly, you know I don't like all that Christian stuff." "oh, Miranda, please stay." She stands up. "You're just trying to make me like you," she yells. "Well it won't work! Be all churchy without me!!!"
She storms out of the room. Have I just lost a friend???
I race after Miranda. i have been best friends with her since kindergarten, but she has never accepted Jesus.
"Miranda! Wait!" I call. "Just leave me alone!" she yells. "I thought you were my best friend. I thought you were on my side. Now I see what it really is. You just want someone like you. Thanks alot, friend!!!" she says sarcastically. I am heartbroken.
"Let her go," one of the Caros said. "She just needs time to be alone."
Later next week, I leave a note in her locker. It says, "Will you forgive me? Please? With extra vanilla frosting on top???" I see her find the note. She tears it up.
I look for a Caro and find Caroline. "What should I do now? My best friend hates me!" "It just takes time," she replies. "I have a friend who did the same thing. It will work out." I am almost in tears. "What do I do?" And of course, Caroline thinks of the one thing I needed all along. "Why don't you tell God about your problems? He is the only one who can do it." I smack my head. Of Course! "Why didn't I think of that?"
We start to pray. I start it off. "Dear Lord, help..." Caroline understands me completely. "Help us to be strong and give Alysa the courage and strength she needs. Please show your light to Miranda and give her Your everlasting mercy. Amen." Caroline just said what I couldn't put into words. I feel a warm feeling crawl up my spine and smile at Caro. She smiles back. Now I know that everything will be okay.
I see out of the corner of my eye a girl that looks like Miranda coming toward me. Could it be? It is! "Miranda!" I yell.She looks up and I can tell that she has been crying."you mean you're not mad at me? Look, I have to talk to you. In private." We look for a place to talk and see an empty table over near the back. We go over there. "Alysa, I know I'm not like you, and probably never will be. This friendship isn't working anymore. I've decided to get a new BFF. Please don't be too mad."
"Mir, just give me another chance. Please." "OK" she says.
I invite her over to my house. She says yes.
We get there. Soon after, the Caros show up. "Hey! Can we do a little performance for you? we need to practice."
They come in. Miranda sees them and I see her lip tremble. "No wait!" I say as soon as I see her get up. "Stay here." OK, I see her nod.
They bring a boy in with them. "This is Jordan." "Hi!" I say.
They start. Soon I hear the words, "Are you looking for a Savior?" I see Mir start to respond.
Is this the beginning of a new Christian, or is she still unhappy?
Miranda is listening to the words of Savior by PureNRG.
after the song is over and the band is about to leave my house, she goes up to them. "Do you really believe what you sing?" she asked. I was surprised that it wasn't sarcastic.
"Yeah, it's like our life." Jordan tells her. I can see she really, I mean REALLY likes Jordan.
Miranda doesn't really understand. "You mean nothing bad ever happens to you guys?" "No way!!! I wish!" says Caroline. "We all do really bad things. Jesus let people kill him on a cross for our sins. That means for you." "Yeah," Carolyne puts in. "Jesus could have just called angels out of Heaven, but he chose to suffer and die so we can be saved."
"Isn't that pointless?" Mir adds. "What good is some wierd dead guy?"
I know just what to say. "He isn't dead! I mean he died, but he came back to life! And no, he isn't a ghost."
Miranda is in tears. "Can he really help me? After all I did?"
"Of course, Carolyne says gently.
Mir can't say anything she is so choked up.
"Can I please have what you have? I mean, I realize I need God. I have been so horrible to you! I'm so sorry." Miranda was very genuine. I cuold tell she was serious.
"Let's pray." Jordan said. "I'll start. Dear God, please help Miranda to make this choice. You know her heart. Thank you for your saving grace. Amen."
"Your turn," I whisper to Miranda.
She starts. "Um, God. I know I've been terrible. Will you please forgive me? I want to give my life to you." "Say Amen," I whisper. "Oops! Amen."
"Awesome!" Jordan yells. We girls give a cheer. We all hug Mir and congratulate her. "When I get to heaven..." Caroline starts. We all join in the best we can. "Will I see you? We're gonna have a party! What are you gonna do?" We all crack up because everyone is on a different key and it sounds out of tune.
"We probably should let PureNRG do it by themselves next time!" Mir Says laughingly. She gets serious. "Really, thanks guys. I couldn't do it without you."
Our prayers have been answered! Have yours?
By Tami♥♥