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Title: The memories

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    Default The memories

    Samantha stormed out of her parents room and ran to her bedroom. She shoved all of her belongings into a duffle bag.
    " Where are you going Sam? " Kaylie asked
    " I don't know Kaylie. I'm just going. " Sam said
    " Can I come too? " Kaylie asked
    " No Kaylie, I got to do this alone. " Sam said
    Sam walked out of her room with her duffle bag on one of her shoulders.
    " Your quiting, aren't you Sam? " Sam's mother questioned
    " I'm not quiting ma --- " Sam started
    " Just go! Once you walk out that door, I don't want to see you comin back round here, you hear? " Ma said to Sam
    Kaylie knew Sam wouldn't walk out the door, no she couldn't. But something life changing happend, Sam walked out the door and slammed it behind her.
    " Ma, why? Why did you send Sam off? " Kaylie asked
    " Hear me child, just hear me. There will be no more talk of that .... that ...... you hear? " Ma stutterd
    Kaylie burst out crying. It was all over. Samantha Jane Smitherson was gone, and there was no telling on where she could be.
    Kaylie sighed as she ran ****her. She puffed and pushed herself onward until she finally passed the starting line. She put her hands on her knees and regained her breath. She wipped away a tear that was going down her face and sniffed. She walked toward the locker rooms and remebered Sam.
    Kaylie, Ma, Pa, and Mae were sitting around on the couch watching a little TV screen. Sam was on the screen, surfing in the National Hawaii Surf Off. She was in the tube when all the sudden the wave crashed and blood filled a spot in the ocean.
    " Samantha Smitherson is down. The lifeguard just hit the water to look for her. There isn't much hope for this young surfer now. " a reporter said
    Kaylie held her breath, and it seemed as the world just ended. Sam's board washed to shore with blood stained on it and a huge shark bite mark carved into the board.
    " No! Sam why? " Kaylie screamed as she held onto her father
    Ma stood stunned at the TV. She sighed and walked out of the room. Kaylie screamed and screamed, and Mae fell asleep.
    Kaylie ran into the locker rooms and took off her gym clothes. She slipped on her board shorts and surfing shirt as she called it and ran off to the house. The Smitherson house was a small and quiet little place. She crawled to the back and sneaked out one of Sam's old surfboards. She ran past the house and to the ocean.
    " This is for you Sam, I'm going to finish what you started. " I whispered up to the clouds and the sun above me
    Kaylie ran up to the beach and set down my surfboard. She pulled up my hair and saw somebody staring at her.
    " Who are you and why are you staring at me all like that? " Kaylie yelled across the beach
    The figure inched away and she shrugged her shoulders. Kaylie ran up the beach and stopped by Mia's house. She knocked and Mia anwsered the door.
    " Hey Mia! Can I use your shower .... and your blow dryer .... and your curler? " Kaylie asked
    " You went surfing, didn't you? " Mia said expectingly
    " You always do guess! " She anwsered back and then walked inside. She dropped the surfboard before she went in and then she headed for the bathroom.
    " Hey Miss. Kaylie! How are you doing today? " Mia's mother asked her
    " Just fine, thanks for asking. " she anwsered back
    Kaylie walked towards the bathroom and took her shower. She finished doing everything and then got out.
    " Bye girl, see you tomorrow! " Kaylie yelled to Mia as she ran out the door
    " Bye! " Mia yelled back to Kaylie
    Kaylie ran back to her house. She dropped by the shed and put the surfboard in and locked it back. Kaylie to her window and climed through it. Just at that moment Ma walked in.
    " Hey Kaylie. What have you been doing up here? " Ma asked
    " Nothing much, just hanging out. Doing some homework, that kind of stuff. " Kaylie said in a rush
    " Mmm-kayy. Dinner will be ready in an hour. " Ma said
    " All right Ma, I'll be up here! " Kaylie responded
    " Why does it smell like the ocean up here? " Ma screeched
    " I had the window open, that's all. " She said
    " Oh, ok then. Sorry. " Ma whispered than walked away
    Close one, way too close.
    Kaylie woke up the next morning and sneaked out the window. As she shut the window behind her, she saw that the time was 2:00 AM. Perfect she thought as she walked towards the shed. She pulled out a fresh surfboard and walked to the beach. The same person who was watching her yesterday was looking at her today. She decided just to surf, she might be able to find out who it is. It had been about an hour since that moment and Kaylie was pulling in to tide. When all the sudden, she saw a fin gently rising over the water. It soon revealed a shark. It was a bulky, grey shark with huge teeth. Kaylie stayed still and her pulse zoomed up. The shark was 5 inches away from her arm. She shut her eyes, so she wouldn't see her arm get yanked off. Weird, I don't feel anything Kaylie thought to herself. She opened her eyes to see that the person that had been watching her was stading over the shark. The person plunged for the shark and it ran away in fear.
    "Thanks a mill!" I breathed out heavily
    "Not a problem little si.... I mean random person." the person grinned
    "Little strange there ..... anyway, what's your name?" I asked the stranger
    "My name is Leilani. What are you doing out here so early? It is the time that sharks roam around." Leilani questioned
    "Finishing what my sister started, that's all." I anwsered
    "Who's your sister?" Leilani asked
    "Samantha Smitherson."I anwsered again
    Leilani had a grim look on her face and I ran off just as the sun rose over the tide.
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    Default Re: The memories

    The star thing is faster

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    Default Re: The memories

    HAHAHA! SAM DIED--- I mean, er, (Couigh cough) This gives a bad name to sharks. =(

    *Trys not to be happy*

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    Cheeky Sam Guest

    Default Re: The memories

    Lolz! My name is Samantha Mae! First and middle. First off ,you who is the person telling the story?

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    Default Re: The memories

    Kaylie ..... I think. I need to work on my perspective. Yea, try not to be happy Flablo (:

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