Hi guys whats up? today i felt bored so I wrote a story and said let me share it with you guys so Its about a girl named Sally

A girl named sally She had pimples a lot of pimples in her face people was calling her names just because of those pimples "Aye Pimple Girl Get some doctor to remove the pimples" And "Pimple Whor- " And she doesn't have any friends not even single one even in her old school they were saying " Lice Women" While she didn't have any lice , Okay so next day she was mad People kept calling her names so she said if she is gonna be quite all day they won't stop calling her names so she said to them "SHUT UP IM SO MAD AND YOU GUYS HAVE PROBLEMS" , All Looked at her Like they want to punch her but its not allowed in school so that guy david said " We don't care if your mad or not You little slu-" , She was Gonna kick him in hes head but she said its better to kick him in hes stomach So she gone for it. Then David's Parents came and so is sally's So she was angry VERY Angry and her parents were saying Why did you kick him! Sally Said "He called me a slu- , I can't take it anymore i have been looking at them all the time making fun of me just because of my stupid pimples" Sally Said, After 2 weeks david threw a party in his house everyone was invited even the nerds except for Sally So she didn't really care so then 4 days later it was sally's birthday nobody told her happy birthday All kept calling her " Its sally's birthday i hope she dies tomorrow" And she heard that so she was like I won't die alone Sally said , So she kept thinking She should kill somebody that what she was thinking about and she was looking at david like she wants to kill him. She was a fan of one direction so she said if im gonna die im going to put a one direction song Sally said , The next month David was missing and sally was skipping school. Nobody knew she was the one who killed david people still searching for him So she threw his body in the lake. Now David is dead and so is sally BEFORE she dies she promised she will kill david and she did it and she also promised that she will never forgive anybody for what they done to her So before she dies she actually putted little things - one direction song and then She ate sleeping pills and she is gone now

Lol hope you enjoyed the Story i know its not Great but that's actually happend to a girl in our school Poor her ....

By the way sorry for "Membership" Title ._. It's a long story tho.