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    Default Me in free realms: chapter 2

    Well right before i ended the first chapter i said that i had a collection of bottle caps.I have gone all around the globe to collect the bottle caps.I have 2,346 bottle caps in my collection right now.I sure have a lot.I am constantly getting more.I will just be walking along and i will see one.I will pick it up and it will become part of my collection.That will happen very often because i like to exercise a lot like jogging around the beach or even sometime all the way from seaside to snow hill.

    I just love exercising.I even have a treadmill for when i want to run and it is pouring down rain.But if i am running and it is not raining i am always outside because i love running around free realms.The scenery can be gorgeous out by seaside.Also snow hill because there are mountain there and i like watching the sun set behind the mountains.When i am running i will always stop by a shop and pick up a sports drink.I am very serious about staying hydrated while i am running because i do not want to be running and then pass out.You have to stay hydrated to be healthy while running.I will usually get like Gatorade or something.So as you can see i am very serious about getting my exercise.

    So right now i am doing my job.I do my ninja job mostly for money.So right now i am trying to find like a bear for some protein.Or even a deer or something but so far i have not have much luck.I really try to get most of the stuff for money and then some for me.Oh my gosh i just found a red horned deer.If i can get that thing it can sell for over 2,000,000 coins.So i am going to try sneaking up on it.Oh and if i don't get this right i am going to be crushed by this thing.
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