Here is the First part of a story I wrote for my guild:

Spoiler: show
Summercharm woke up one morning to find her unicorn whining and crying. Her unicorn, Princess Twinkle Star (Twinkle for short) was crying for the fifth night in a row!
“Twinkle, I know Brittany is gone. And I know you miss Hearts as well! But Sarah and Brenda can’t find her!” Summercharm said sadly.
Summercharm was the princess of the Magic Unicorns of Stardust Herd. Her sister Brittany, and her unicorn Hearts was missing too. Most of them in the herd were pixies from all over the Realms. She and Brittany where from The Sanctuary. Sarah and Brenda, the Security and Officers, were from Sea Side. Farahh, the nurse, was from Sunstone Valley, she was found injured near some Rough Riders. Others were from all over the Realms and some don’t know where they are from. Farahh is the only one in the herd without a unicorn, but she has magma boots instead.
“Princess, Princess!” Brenda came rushing in.
“Brenda, I told you to call me Summer Charm! What is it?” The gloomy princess asked.
“Sarah picked up Stardust magic, we think its Sarah!” Brenda said excitedly.
This is great! Summercharm thought But I wonder if someone might’ve set it up as a trap.
Sadly, Pixies are easy to capture. Their wings weren’t made for fast-flying. Unlike humans who could run fast, Pixies are easy to catch.
“Get Farahh and the others. We are going on an adventure.” Summercharm ordered.