I walked down the sidewalk leading to the library. I was writing for the Ravenwood News,and reporting on the what pet suits you best this week,last week it was the Fire Magic. I opened the door to find the library empty,except for Boris Tallstaff and Harold,the librarian. Looking around for a couple books on pets,I saw Pets and You,Pet Care,and all the other stuff. I sighed,then went to get some paper from Harold.
"Harold,may I have some paper?"I asked,smiling.
"Yes,Heather. Here you go,"Harold said,his voice booming like thunder. I pulled out a book and pen then settled myself at a table. Honestly,I think the best pet that could suit a Fire student is a dragon. Seeing that they all have one,and for a Life student. I suggest an imp,unicorn,or sprite. A Death student may choose one of the more... unliving pets,due to them and,yeah. For a Myth student,I suggst a ogre,ya know. Green and one eye? For a Storm,I suggest a storm beetle. An Ice student would surely love to have a polar bear! But,truly. A pet would best suit your personality rather than your liking of it. I chose Angel and Sir Popcorn because I liked them. Angel is a unicorn,a unique unicorn. She suits me,and doesn't get annoyed at me if I won't give her a snack. I named her Angel because she seems like one to me. Sir Popcorn absolutely LOVES popcorn! He's the kind of flying piggle that makes ya wanna hug him to death. Then theres Penny Dreadful's pet,a Death student. She picked a dragon and named it Liza,why? I don't know,but I do know she must love her pet.
After signing my name and putting it in my backpack,I walked out of the library to Olde Town. Sylvia Earle was waiting,and my broomstick lessons wouldn't be put on hold. After running through The Commons,Shopping District,and stumbling over a few rocks,I finally made it.
"Now,get on. Fly through those hoops,pass the lumbering giant,and don't crash,"Sylvia Earle said,her rackety old voice was hard to understand. I jumped on Broomie,yeah,funny name. After nearly crashing into the giant,I made it.
"Nice one,Heather,"Daniella called. I instantly ran over there,and she handed me a cookie.
"I thought our parents were gonna be here,"I said,sighing. My Mom,Dad,and Julia would be here in a matter of time. It was getting awfully dark,so we walked back to the dorm rooms and fell asleep-or atleast I did,I was tired. Whew!