I looked around The Commons. Lots of young new wizards,like me. I was a life wizard,my pet unicorn- Angel. I love unicorns. I also got a flying pig and imp. I wanted to name it Steve,like my cat on Earth,but the name was taken by Kimberly Deathsong. And I'm Heather Lifesinger. I'm ranked level 10,and my teacher is Moolinda Wu. A cow.
"Heather! We're late!" Daniella Earthheart said,pounding on the door to my dorm room.
"Oh,great!" I said,grabbing my books,note pad,and hat. Today I picked wearing white over green,and my hat was pointy for once.
"Heather,Daniella. Take your seats,"Ms.Wu said. We sat in the front on the left hand,side-by-side.
"Now class,if you'd turn to page 15 of your Earth Book. Get your partners and begin discussing it over,"Ms.Wu said,turning to her chalk board and began writing our homework. 30 more minutes... I thought,trying to get the clock to move faster with my eyes.
"What'd you think of the Flowering Earth spell?"Daniella asked,then began writing in her book.
"Flower-like. Colorful. Food,"I thought,then sighed.
"Food? Oh,lunch break is in... 5... 4... 3... 2..."Daniella began,then smiled.
"Class,put down your books and pencils. Grab your lunches and head to The Commons,"Ms.Wu said,going back to messing with her clockwork robot. I smiled and Daniella and I picked up our lunches and headed for The Commons. Picking a spot by the pond,we began to eat. I had packed myself a ham sandwhich,water bottle,apple,and a kool aid packet,which I rarely got. Daniella packed herself the usual,sandwhich,water bottle,pear,and then some sunflower seeds.
"Sunflower seeds?" Daniella asked,and I held out my hand as she gave me some.
"Apple slice?" I asked,handing her one. We both smiled our wierd smiles.
"Students! Back to your classes!" Annie yelled. We picked up our ags and scraps,then dumped them in the trash bin.
"Ugh,I hate the extra classes. But art and music are my favorite,"I said,smiling a bit. Daniella laughed.
"Oww!!! Hey!" Daniella said,being pushed against the stone wall of the tunnel.
"That's Penny Dreadful,she's new and has been trying to get around,"Andra Stormrage said,she was the best storm student. We all sighed,the day wouldn't get any better. So I'd better stop for here and give you tomorrow- a big surprise!!! BTW I love the names: Heather,Daniella,and Andra. Penny Dreadful is from Wizards101.