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Title: Lyra's Transformation

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    Default Lyra's Transformation

    Hi there, I decided to make this MLP fan fic about this pony:Lyra.jpg
    Her Name is Lyra and she was seen in one episode of MLP in a very humanoid pose, which has made her popular with community as being the most human like so I decided to make this story about why she is. Hope you enjoy :D
    Chapter 1
    Spoiler: show
    Lyra played her lyre slowly and beautifully plucking strings with amazing skill bringing tears to the many watching in the theater. She kept on going, absorbed in her own music, ignorant that the crowd was in tears because the beauty of her composition. Her skill was amazing, like nothing ever seen in the entire world, she sat elegantly on her wooden stool still plucking her strings, deeply absorbed in her music. As she finished her composition the crowd of thousands stood up, clapping their hands and cheering. Lyra was shocked, she always thought she was mediocre at best thanks to her family never being supportive of her musical career. She started to tear, one by one her tears went down her face, they weren't sad tears, they were tears of joy. She said to the crowd, still crying "Thank you, thank you all!" She then preceded to grab her stool and lyre then walk off the stage slowly.

    Later that night back at her small apartment Lyra celebrated by herself, she never really had friends, must people she met have always treated her poorly. She also has spent most of her life mastering her instrument, so she hasn't met many people. After relaxing for a bit she went into her queen sized bed with a green and black diamond patterned blanket and tan walls. That night she had a weird dream. She was surrounded by darkness and in the distant what seemed like a purple colored pony said something to her. She couldn't make it out and replied "Who are you? Where am I?"
    "We need you..." The purple figure said, ignoring the questions.
    "Who is we? Answer my questions!" Lyra yelled back.
    "Soon, you will get your answers..." The purple figure started to fade away.
    "Hey! Come back! I want my answers now!" Lyra yelled.
    "Soon..." The figure said on last time before it was gone."
    Lyra woke up from her dream afterwards, she was bewildered by her dream. She said to herself "What was that? What did it want from me? More importantly, why me? If only I knew..."
    Lyra preceded to go through her daily tasks, but all she could think about was that purple figure she saw in her dream. When she was coming home from grocery shopping everything started going black she couldn't see. "Wha-whats going?! What is happening to me!" She felt herself changing, it was an unbearable pain as she was transforming, she started to scream. She then opened her eyes to complete darkness, and the purple figure.
    "The time has come, you are needed..." The purple figure announced?
    "For what?! What do you want from me!" Lyra shouted she pointed her hand at the figure, except it wasn't a hand, it was a light green hoof. "M-my hand! What did you do to me?!"
    "You will know all soon... now go to sleep, you need rest." The figure demanded.
    "No! Tell me now! Answer me!" Lyra screamed, but suddenly she started getting sleepy. "No! I won't go to sleep! I won't!" Lyra then passed out.

    Chapter 2- Coming Very Soon!
    Please let me know of what you think, I kind of rushed through the first chapter but I promise it will be a lot better!

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    Default Re: Lyra's Transformation

    Love it. And MLPs.
    I'm taking the Timeless Isle for the GEAR!
    Beware, Thunder King, nobody is safe from my monk.

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    Default Re: Lyra's Transformation

    Sorry everyone for not posting the second chapter in forever, I have been very busy and certain things have kept me distracted (I am looking at you Mann vs. Machine) But I promise that chapter 2 will be great and reveal a lot of the story compared to the first dull chapter. It should be out sometime in the next 5 days, I promise.
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