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    Default The Lost Story (Chapter 1-2)

    Ohai. Nice to be back. I hope you like it.

    Chapter 1
    The Ruins of Sil

    Crimera dropped off a branch and onto the ground infront of the Ruins of Sil. Lina dropped down beside her.
    "I told you. It's scary," Lina said.

    "Pfft. You say that about everything! 'Oh! Sneaking into the King's castle is going to get us thrown in the dungeon!' Come on,Lina!" Crimera grinned.
    "It almost did... And the Rose! They'll throw US in the dungeon if we get caught here! Let's go,Crim!" Lina pulled on Crimera's arm. Crimera sighed.
    "But... the stories and stuff we could find! I know you want to learn about the Ruins-- please!" Crimera asked.
    "Well... I guess. But if we get thrown in the dungeon,I'm blaming you!" Lina walked into the ruins with Crimera close behind. The stone buildings had moss growing out of the cracks and vines climbing up pillars. Lina pulled off a piece of moss and put it in her sack,writing something down on her pad.
    "Interesting stone work... The citizens are amazing carvers," Lina inspected the walls. They came up to a building with caved in stone. Crimera pulled the stones away from the door,revealing a dimly lit room. The room had a pot,a dining table with four chairs and plates on it,a large rug,paintings on the walls,a fireplace,and a staircase leading up. Lina walked up the staircase and into a room with two doors. Pushing open a door with an eery creeeeak,the room was a children's room with two beds,an armoire,a rug,a bookcase filled with books,and a chest. Lina unlocked the chest,revealing dolls that were almost new. She locked the chest and walked over to the books. Two journals stood out,one said 'MARY' and the other said 'NIMA'. The journals were filled with information about the girls and drawings that Lina couldn't make out. She put the journals back and looked at each book carefully. Finally,she went over to the armoire. Blue,pink,green,yellow,and purple dresses were all sorted out. Lina closed the doors and walked into the next room. Crimera was already in there,looking at the knives and swords.
    "Oh,Lina,they're absolutely amazing!" Crimera smiled.
    "I think that we should go to the next house and try to find someplace to stay for the night," Lina suggested.
    "Mmph. Fine," Crimera mumbled,following Lina out the house and into the next.
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    Default Re: The Lost Story (Chapter 1-2)

    this is really good. write more please.

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