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    Default The lost story

    The story of my Rp charater Death on H&D Hope you enjoy :]
    The beginning
    "Paws!" Deaths mother called. Back then death was called paws. But he never really injoyed that name "Yes mother?" Paws called out as he rushed to his mother. "Were were you when the Two legs called for you?" Flower barked staring down at her son. "I was playing!" Paws barked back a sparkle in his eyes. "Ok ok. You get off with a warning this time" Flower replied and started to walk away. Paw started to play with his tails not knowing what was about to come for him.

    The bully
    "Hey! Give it back!" Paws snarled and tryed to get his ball back from a bully named Snow. "No its mine now!" Snow snapped and ran away. "that was my favorite ball!" He cried out and started to cry. he hated the bullys the two legs had gotten, He hated snow so much one day he swore he would get his revenge on all the things she had done to him. He smirked and a evil planned popped into his head.

    The evil future
    After 5 months have past he was aloud in the house with his enemy Snow, One day the two legs left to go shopping for them. Snow and Paws left alone. Paws smirked. "What are you so happy about?" Snow snarled as she stared at Paws. "The ending of you!" Paws snarled bit snows throat and lefted her up. "Let go of me!" She snapped, But cut off by her gasps for air. Soon enough she went limp. And Paws dropped her. "I dont have to obey anyone." Paws snarled and started to ran up stairs. He got into one of the boys rooms and the window was open. He jumped out of the window and landed on his feet, Leaving and never looking back.

    The end
    After i few months on living in the forest he thought about i new name, One that would scare people to make him feel and look tough. He got on a boulder. "I now name myself Death!" he called out and smirked, He promised to never forget all the people he loved but he would never be the same again. Never.. But he did miss the people he loved

    Paws through death~ Owned by me
    Flower~ Only made for this story
    Snow~ Only made for this story
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    Default Re: The lost story

    That's cool

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