Lost Chapter 4

Well i dressed up as a Knight Edwin and Derik dressed up Ninjas. Mom nd Dad dressed up as kings an Queens. DJ and Dylan were dressed up as bleach Characters. DJ dressed up as Ichigo since his hair matched the character. Dylan's did too but he put on a white wig and dressed up Toshiro.

I changed my costume to Hisagi in Bleach. Then DJ, Dylan, And I went trick or treating alone. Derik and Edwin went to a costume party. Mom and Dad stayed home to give out candies to the little ones. It was great. I got alot of candy more then where i lived. i got 12 to 23 full sized candy bars. Plus 55 suckers, Hard candy, Bubble gum, and smarties. It was the best. all that summed up rounded up to the nearest 100 would be 156 Candies. Plus with my brothers candies they'd give me if i'd there chores that'd be.... Ummm like.... 384 candy. That's the best Halloween ever. I wonder what i will do with it all.