I walked in my class. My teacher asked for homework. I gave it to her. Dylan and DJ did as well. " Now class were are starting Math today." Mrs. Sheen said. "Well what is 50times10 class." Mrs.Sheen said for a review on are pop quiz i never studied. Dylan and I raised are hands. " Dylan yes." She asked. " it's 550 right?" Dylan said. " Wrong." She replied. She chose me. " 50 x 10 equals 500 right?" I said. She nodded.
We got are test paper. It was multplie chose. My pencil broke and raised my hand. She never answered me. So DJ let me barrows his extra. I bubbled them all in and wrote name like this at the top : Alex Mercer Date: 10-31-13
When i went to lunch i saw a empty table. I sat there and took a bite out of my soup. Edwin and Derik my brothers came to sit next to me. DJ and Dylan sat infront of me. It was a school that went K-12 grades. " Hey Edwin." DJ said. Dj ate some of his pizza and washed most of it down with his soda. Dylan chugged down his sandwich and milk. I drank some of my Chocolate milk. " Hey Dylan how'd you do on your test?" I asked.


I ate the rest of my soup and chugged down my milk. Edwin and Derik zipped there lunch boxes up and so did I. After school Dad and Mom were in the car together. Derik pouted cause he always sat in passenger. I knew we were going to the movies then trick or treat. I sat on the right side in the middle of the Van. Edwin sat on the left side. Dylan,Derik, and DJ sat in the back.
My dad drove up to the theater and said," Were only here for a trick or treat baskets." My mom Mary said, " I'll stay here with DJ,Dylan,and Derik." Me and Edwin got out. Then we walked out with the baskets. Ready to trick or treat.

That's all for chapter 3 chapter 4 soon

Mrs. Sheen-Brown short hair nice wears dresses alot. Blue eyes Tan skin

Mr. BurgShen- Dirty blonde hair Pale skin Green eyes Wears T-shirts and jeans and combs his hair back on fridays other days it's messy. Black high tops Married to Mrs. BurgShen. (She really isn't important....)