My alarm rung and it was the 2nd day after moving. I grabbed my button up shirt that was purple and grabed my dark blue jeans. I slipped my shirt on after taking my P.J's off. Slipped on my pants. Then i got up grabbed my hoodie and backpack. I put on the hoodie and my shoes. Put on my back pack. Ate my breakfeast. Then i walked into the car waiting for my dad and my brothers. I was 10 minutes early. My brother Edwin was combing his hair with his comb. He wore a Black designed T-shirt it had a dragon on it.


He had his coat on too and shoved his backpack in the seat and sat next to me. Derik came out with his longish hair just as usual down. He had black jeans a white shirt and his hoodie. He threw his backpack down on the floor of the car in passenger seat and sat there. My dad John came out hollering, " Alex Mercer, Edwin , Derik you got your stuff." " Yes !" Derik yelled back. My dad came down the steps to the big SUV Van and sat in the driver seat. He drove over to my friends Dylan and DJ's house. They came out and sat in the very back. Dylan wore purple shirt blue jeans and DJ wore black shirt and blue jeans. " Hey Alex how are you." Asked Dylan. " Good." I replied. As if i felt that this school had familar kids,but different hair colors and eye colors and styles. It made him think he was Lost in another different world.

The end of chapter 2
3 soon.