Chapter 1
"Not like that!" Said the Swordsman, knocking me over with the flat of his swords, "Like this!" He angled his blades and dragged them along the floor in the same way a dragon would with it's tail. Grunting, I stood up and brushed the sand away from my trousers, making them worse with my dirty fingers. I heard all the higher ranks laughing as I struggled to make the move materialise as Swordsman Ajjing wanted it to.
He sighed as I did yet another attempt and failed. "We'll move on, since Aikeonja doesn't want this right for the dragon that choses her tomorrow," I gritted my teeth at the insult, but feared the fact that our dragon was going to chose us tomorrow.
"Let me see...Shall we try the Shovanette or Grea sequence? You chose, Aike," He lisped at the 'i' in my name.
"Grea, and don't call Aikeonja!"