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    Default Lifrasir Wars : 01

    The Massacre at the Marketplace

    1026 LC
    Adur: The Bazaar

    "Here you go, Kanna. Good as new," the shopkeeper smiled as he handed the package over to the woman at the counter, "It's mighty breezy out there today, so hold onto those little ones or the wind might take 'em."

    Kanna handed the wrapped package to one of the small cloaked figures clinging desperately to her coattails. The grey, dust covered coat was obviously made for someone taller and broader, but the woman obviously wasn't overly picky about her outerwear and it served its purpose--blocking out the biting winds of the outer planets. Her grey eyes smiled at the shopkeeper, "I'm sure you don't have to tell them twice to keep a tight grip, isn't that right Honsu? Honsi?" One of the figures nodded and moved in closer to the young woman. Although they appeared at first glance to act like a mother and her children, one look at the woman would reveal that she was much too young to have children their age. Whereas by their height the two cloaked figures could be assumed to be about twelve, the woman looked to be in her early to mid-twenties. The features of her face had an ageless quality about them, as if she had appeared the same way ten years earlier and wouldn't change in another ten. The top of her auburn hair was pulled back, and she was clean but haphazard—dressed and styled for necessity rather than fashion. She had a classic beauty but was armed with an aura of unapproachability that kept others at a distance.

    Kanna's gaze roamed over the shop—dust covered jars and equipment littered the shelves in all manner of disarray, and the sun glinted through the large front window casting shadows around the golden lettering. "I assume the repairs weren't too much for you, Heim?" She turned her inquiry to the shopkeeper, "The new unigyre in training is a brute. It smashes everything that comes within a mile of it."

    Heim laughed raucously. "I'm sure you're just holding back on it, Kanna. It'll swoon for you soon," he offered with a wink before leaning forward on the counter, "But how's… other business?"

    She shook her head with a sigh. "It could be better. The renegade sects are giving the Solarian films plenty to boost negative propaganda and rally their citizens for what they tout as a 'just cause.'"

    "So, that incident on Lugos, that wasn't—"

    "No," she snapped heatedly, "I shudder that you think I would condone such a thing."

    "Alright, ok," he said, his hands up in a surrender posture. "Just let me know if I can do anything else." Kanna nudged one of the figures at her side, and a few coins were produced from the folds of the cloak.

    "No, none of that. You know your chromas are no good here, girl. You know the missus and I are grateful to you for getting our son out of that mess."

    Kanna smiled, but still slid the coins across the counter, "Gratitude only gets someone so far, friend. I'll take it as a discount." She felt a tug at her side just before the bell above the shop door chimed.

    "Yo, Heim! My package come in yet?"

    "Yeah, Faro. You don't see I'm with somebody here? Have some manners. I swear, your parents didn't raise you right, kid."

    Kanna studied the interloper. His sandy blonde hair stuck out on one side as if it hadn't seen a brush in weeks. His height made him seem out of place on Adur; his build was sturdy but brutish, and his skin seemed to have seen more sun than most Jovians. His green eyes twinkled with cold mirth, as if his jollity was hiding something. They narrowed in recognition, and Kanna turned away.

    "Hey, lady, you look familiar. Have I seen you somewhere?"

    "How would I know what you've seen?" She clipped coldly, speaking to the counter. She gave Heim a parting wave. "Take care, and give Camus my regards. We'll pick up the rest of the supplies at the gate."

    She brushed past the brutish interrupter, Honsi and Honsu at her heels. Honsi dared a glance back, her red eyes curious about the man that had caused unease in her protector. He had the power within him of a sypher, but she sensed nothing else amiss about him. Nothing that Kanna would be able to pick up on, at least. The bell chimed behind the odd group as they headed down the stony streets; the twins huddled closer to Kanna. Faro watched as they passed in front of the store window, the wind whipping Kanna's coat back and revealing the khopesh strapped to her side.

    "Those kids aren't hers, they're--"

    "Ilazkins. Yeah. Your powers of observation are unsurpassed, Faro." Heim bit back sarcastically, "What's with you? You got a crush or something?"

    "Whatever, old man," Faro scoffed, scratching the back of his errant hair.

    Heim chuckled as he went back to the store room, reappearing with a long, tall package. He passed it off to Faro, who ripped it open greedily. Heim removed his hat and brushed back his salt and pepper hair. "If you wanted to impress Kanna, you should've probably brushed your hair, at least."

    Faro stopped admiring the halberd that he'd managed to extricate from its packaging and stared, wide-eyed, at Heim. "Kanna?"

    Heim stuttered a bit, "I said nothing of the sort. You must've pulled that out of your butt. You have a strange fantasy in that head of—hey!" But it was too late. Faro slung the halberd across his back and gave chase, the bell resounding loudly as he slammed through the store door.

    Out on the street, Kanna was fighting the wind for footing for three, the twins' hands twisted in her coat to stay grounded. "Who was that man?" Honsi asked, her red eyes gazing imploringly upwards.

    Kanna reached forward to catch the girl's hood before the wind took it and smiled, "I don't know Honsi. He just seemed familiar." She knew he was probably somewhere deep in her mind, a distant corner that she wasn't inclined to explore.

    "But he made you uncomfortable," said Honsu from her other side, still clutching the package in his hand. "Do you want us to help you remember?"

    "Leave her alone, brother. They are her thoughts not yours," Honsi chastised.

    "You started it!" was his retort, letting go of Kanna's coat to shake a pale fist at his twin sister. The wind blew him back a few inches and Kanna reached out a steadying hand. When he regained his balance, he looked behind them toward the shop. "He's following us, Kanna."

    "I know. It's fine. Don't worry yourselves so much, your hair'll turn grey. Oh wait, it already has." She teased the two youths. When she glanced down with a smile, it froze on her face. The two were staring into the distance, their eyes glazed with fear.

    Honsi gripped Kanna's hand in a vice. "They're coming. And they're angry."

    The wind carried the sounds of aircraft to Kanna's ears. "Run," she turned the children around, "back to the shop!"

    Faro had been trying to catch up to the group, only to have them run back towards him. The light twins were now running with the wind and had gained a few feet on Kanna. "Move your butt if you want to keep it!" she called to Faro as she passed.

    He didn't comprehend her meaning until moments later an explosion rocked the ground, the tremor sending the twins crashing as a nearby building collapsed beneath the onslaught. Kanna stumbled, blocking the debris with an arm and rushing toward the fallen twins. Screams ripped down the streets as people began racing for safety; the air sirens wailed. Kanna lifted Honsi and was going for the other when Faro reached him. Together the group stumbled the last few paces into the shop.

    "Heim!" Kanna called to the shopkeeper. A nearby explosion shattered the shop window and sent glass raining onto their backs.

    "The basement!" Heim lead the way to the back of the building as the rock beneath their feet seemed to roil and pitch like a ship at sea, the various goods clamoring off of the shelves. They clambered down a dark stairwell cut into the rock face, and the twin bundles were deposited in the corner of the cold chamber. Although the stairs had been carved the cave at the bottom was a natural pocket, common on Adur. Most people had them in their homes as storage and, more recently, they were being equipped as bomb shelters in case of the inevitable. Like the one they were now in, many were connected into large systems used to transport goods, legal and illegal, through the city.

    "Where are they?" Kanna demanded of the twins.

    "They're to the east," Honsu offered, his arms around his sister, "in the clearing behind the city. It isn't a full force, a few hundred at most. Their goal seems to be retribution."

    "And fear," Honsi squeezed out through clenched teeth, her voice muffled by her knees and her hands that were tightly shielding her head. The girl had always been more keenly aware of people's emotions than her brother, who was more attuned to thought patterns. Together, their abilities were more accurate than any type of radar the Solarian Republic could tinker together.

    Kanna placed a hand on each of their heads in turn. "Take care of them," she ordered Heim who nodded as she turned away.

    Faro felt as if he was in a waking dream, and he stared incredulously as Kanna began to mount the stairs. "Where are you going?"

    Kanna looked down at him with one hand on the wall as another explosion seemed to tilt the room. "East."

    "But you can't, it's suicide! There's nothing you can do to stop them."

    "I can. And I will." Kanna's voice came cold and heavy, like a blanket that gives no comfort. Faro stared at her back as the door illuminated her silhouette, the sound of the crashes louder for the moment that the door was open.

    Faro looked behind him at the twins in the corner, Heim crouching close by and trying to comfort them the best he could. He cursed under his breath before turning to give chase to Kanna once again. When he exited the shop he had to climb over a pillar of fallen stone. He searched the nearby area for Kanna and finally spotted her on the rooftops.

    Kanna had decided to take the high road, avoiding the narrow winding alleys of the bazaar and opting for a more direct route east. Being sure footed had always been one of her strong qualities, and it helped her here to sidestep loose tiles and leap across the gaps between the buildings when she reached a patch that had been destroyed by the bombs. Although the bulk of the barrage had passed, there were a few fighters that were circling the town, sporadically deploying what remained of their onslaught. Kanna could do nothing against the planes without collateral damage so she headed for the foot soldiers. It was the Republic's modus operandi: an air assault followed by foot soldier to put down any remaining resistance and make random arrests and executions. Honsu had estimated about two hundred, so Kanna would have to hold them off from reaching the city. Once they made it into the avenues and alleyways of the bazaar, it would be harder to stop individual fighters.

    She stopped at the last building, a three story motel that overlooked the gorge and the river. The grasslands and waterway were an unusual sight on the Jovian planets, even more so now that they were blanketed in Solarian white. Carriers were hovering over the ground, lowering the foot soldiers from the bellies of the machines, like spiders bursting from the mother at birth. They were ill formed legions at the moment; many appeared to be new comers teeming with excitement to finally be putting their training to the test. Kanna closed her eyes, seizing the darkness welling up inside of her, before dropping from the roof in full view of the unsuspecting battalion.

    There were a few guffaws and shouts as she stood against the small army. The odds seemed simple enough to calculate as she advanced on the group, the curved khopesh in hand. The first shot from the gunnery seemed to darken the sky for a moment-- she crossed her arms in front of her, calling the darkness into a shield that stopped the volley. The cylinders fell about her like a useless drizzle and popped on the ground like childrens' fireworks. The disorganized soldiers rushed forward, green and hungry for a battle.

    Faro arrived just in time to see Kanna take out the first handful of soldiers with her unusual blade. Wherever it landed was devastating—even minor grazes caused significant damage to the area that it struck, speaking volumes of the skill of the one that wielded it. She deflected blows with a dagger she had produced from her belt, the curve sliding along swords and across the necks of her opponents. But the numbers were stacked against her, and at this rate she wouldn't last. She was dealt a glancing blow to her left by a spear, and a trail of blood began to make its way down her side. A dark blast knocked back the semicircle that had formed around her, buying a few precious moments.

    Faro headed into the fray, his eyes on Kanna. A soldier approached her from behind and as she turned, a wall of rock erupted at her back and blocking off the would-be assailants. She backed against it as the soldiers tried to regroup, Faro arriving on her left.

    "Besides being crazy, are you ok?" he nodded towards her side, his halberd at the ready.

    "I'm fine. It's just a flesh wound." She smirked when war cries of the local militia sounded from the left and right flanks. Kanna made her way up the middle and the soldiers began to fall back. Her eyes landed on what appeared to be the commanding officer, covering the retreat. The remaining soldiers piled on to the last carrier as it began to lift off, the launch pad and the officer still exposed.

    "Kanna!" Faro had somehow managed to make his way to the front and had grabbed a discarded shield from one of the fallen Republic soldiers. He held it before him like a ramp, the sun glinting off of its curved face. Kanna discarded the khopesh and tossed the dagger into her right hand. She increased her speed and used the shield to launch in the air, her fierce grey eyes locked with the deep azure of the commanding officer.

    Time seemed to stand still for a moment, and she held the dagger at ready. A draft from the wind caught a black feather clipped in the officer's hair, and she found her concentration drawn to it. The hesitation cost her the opportunity; a wave of light washed over her and sent her back to the ground, her fall broken by Faro's awkward attempt to catch her.

    She glared upwards, her eyes catching the officer's again. He matched her with his own gaze, his jet black hair caught in the updraft of the plane's movement. She craned her neck until she couldn't see him, or the Republic's army, any longer.

    "Hey, do you mind? You're bleeding on me." Kanna snapped back into reality and jumped off Faro's back where she had fallen.

    "Sorry," she muttered halfheartedly, then turned her eyes back to the sky. That face. Where had she seen it before?

    "Hey, Faro! What are you doing, saving all the fun for yourself?"

    "Shuttup, Yancy. You guys were just too slow, I was afraid you wouldn't make it until the whole city was burnt earth."

    Faro had dusted himself off and received a friendly punch in the arm from one of the rebel leaders. "Hey Faro, who's the chick? Those were some pretty cool moves she pulled back there. You think she'll marry me?"

    "Maybe if you get less ugly, Yancy." Faro turned his eyes to Kanna a few yards away, who was still staring at the vapor trails from the carriers, as if she was yearning for them to come back for round two. "That's Kanna."

    Yancy and his men seemed to sober up, the adrenaline cooling in their veins. "You're kidding. Kanna? You can't mean--"

    Kanna had retrieved the khopesh and Faro watched as she methodically wiped the blade on her pants, the enemy blood staining the side of her right leg, her own wound slowly dripping on her left. She looked back at the rebels, her normally light grey eyes almost black.

    "Yeah. Kanna," Faro's voice dropped, "The Harbinger."

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    Anyone? I cna't get better if I don't know what I'm doing wrong...

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