we'll heres part too ^_^:

I lay in the king-sized bed. It was certainly as comfy as it looked. When it was about 3 in the morning i couldn't sleep, so i decided to play my dsiXL and dragon quest 9 for a bit. I managed to get adicted in the game and played for 3 hours. I got up to that Llethian part, when I defeated Llethian, I decided to save and get some more rest. It was about 10 'o' clock in the morning when my grandma finaly woke me up. "Morning!" She shouted, opening the door. For what my grandma and grandad had done for me, I got up right away, i had dozens of clothes now, so I couldn't choose what to wear. "We are gonna take ya shoppin' today hun,'" said my grandma in that geordy laungage that they spoke up here. "Wow, you treat me great up here!" I said, in excitement and facination.

Later, after I had my breakfast, I got changed out of my PJS and put a one-shoulder-shirt on, as well as some incredibly short shorts and some hightops, and we went to the mall. My grandma wanted to get me new curtains, as she said the old ones where over 20 years old. we got there, and went to look in laura ashley, and I found some awesome curtains that matched my walls. (White with black and deep blue stripes.) We all went to get a Mc. Donalds, I ate it VERY fast as all I had eaten in the past few weeks was some bread, milk,
and nearly some fish that would of taken my life.

uhh that was just a little bit, as i dont have much time