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    Default Life's changes ~ a novel from Airious

    hmm that novel with no name gave me a great idea for my own novel, it may seem like copying but here we go:

    Tears where running down my face. There was a deep puddle in frount where I sat. My parents where dead. The night the criminal set the house on fire. Why did they go back in for a book? Was'nt I more important to them? my mom had made it out alive, but weeks later the same person had shot her in our repaired home. Then my brother and sister where killed in yet another incident. Who wanted to get rid of our family? the dekorrs where a old family - they where over 500 years in history, perhaps this criminal mastermind wanted to get rid of our family so THEY could be one of the oldest familys around. I was on the phone to the police about what happened, i was'nt going to tell them about my dad's death, but my whole family? too much. So i was saying too them
    "sir, its about my family. Their dead. Murdered. My dad was killed by a house fire, set by someone, three weeks ago, too weeks later my mom was killed in a shooting. I hid my brother and sister in my closet. Then just today a man gave us fish to eat, out on the streets, he poisoned it. Sir, he killed my brother and sister. I'm afaid. I don't wan't too be killed. Please. Stop whoever wants my family dead. Please." The phone went all fuzzy for about a minuite then a reply came: "So sorry to hear 'bout your loss ma'am, we will try find out who is responsible for this nonsence. 'ny detail on who gave you da' fish?"
    I could'nt reply for thinking or sadness, tears running down my face. I finally picked up the phone and said: "i think he had blonde hair, brown eyes and was short, and was rather thin, with shaggy black eyebrows. Thats all i remember." I spoke it very fast, mostly because i didn't wan't the policeman to get muffled up with my words, but i also didn't wan't him to think i was a cry-baby. "thanks 'lot ma'am, dis' man ya speaks of is Jack mcurthy, likes messin' 'bout with murdrin' famlys' that gets along well, now wu know what he looks like, we'll get im' for sures" spoke the policeman, in a voice that cheered me up a little.

    A week later we where at the funeral. My grandma and grandad both cared for me alot, witch was good, because i was staying with them for a long time. Though i hated the look of the spare room they had, my grandma's cooking was great, as great as my grandad's humor, witch was VERY good. So i was sat at the funeral, my grandma's arm locked around me, we where both sobbing loudly, not so bad for a 16-year-old kid who's family had just been killed, but when you got a 64-year-old grandma hooked around yourself, sobbing like crazy, you get embarressed. The whole croud was staring at us, like we where pigs on motorbikes, and i felt as pink as a pig, but i was so sad i was'nt bothered. I guessed that was the same thing with my grandma.

    Back in my grandma and grandad's house, witch was miles away from where I lived, I was sobbing in the garden, lucky enough it was a bright day, my grandma's niegbours was sitting in the garden, she was also kind to me, so she asked me what was wrong. I replied: "my family are dead. i gotta live here now. not that it won't be fun or stuff..." I looked at the floor, tears running slowly down my face.. "oh, Airiana, so sorry to hear. your grandma was the only one who knew about your mother and father, right? she told me. Its ok....none the suprised look, I won't and havn't told anyone....I am just so sorry to hear you lost your brother AND sister..." she whispered something into my ear, that I didn't hear, and walked inside. Just then, my grandma came out and told me to come see my room and unpack. I walked inside and popped to the loo, then I walked into my room. I gasped. The room was a teenage girls dream. A HUGE closet that went right through the back wall, with about four dozen clothes hangers, and a set of new clothes on the bed, witch was huge, placed the short way it took up half the wall. a large lamp and a rather large bed-side table stood beside the magnificent bed. the walls where painted white, with deep blue and black stripes. Also, placed against the other wall, a huge desk with the newest style of laptop. everybody in my old school longed for a kukkon cs12. Perhaps my new life was'nt going to be so bad? Later that night, I was up watching a very late episode of "Total wipeout", with dragon quest 9 playing on my new nintendo dsi XL. I was kinda glad my family was dead....I still missed them but, well, all i could do was run into the kitchen and hug my grandma and grandad and give them a big, huge hug and thank them again and again for treating me so kindly. To my supprise my grandma laughed and said: "haha, anything for you. We can finaly reward you with what you deserve! Airiana, we've won the lottery!" my mouth opened in shock. "Again??? congratz!" we all went to have a late supper in the lounge and celebrate, before all going to put the end to a hard, sad, and dreadful day.

    Hope you enjoy my best writing. I went full blast this time. please reply imma bursting to write more!!!
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